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In this article we look at training the distracted modern worker, how to encourage willing compliance training, and we also examine the role of motivation in the employee training environment.  1. Training a Plugged-In, Distracted Workforce: What Modern Learners Want & How to Deliver Carol Leaman considers just how to connect with modern learners in this article. In particular, she outlines 5 key ways you can better reach the modern learner with training that meets them on their own terms. 2.How to Encourage Employees to Comply with Compliance Training Requirements In Gauri Reyes’ article on compliance training, she looks at just how to ensure that compliance training is done willfully. From keeping track of compliance with stats to giving your employees some choice in the type of training they receive, Reyes article provides a number of critical tips. 0f95272e-5ced-4e0b-9d8a-f900b0659cba 3.To Motivate Employees, Find a Balance Between Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement Jason Kulpa’s article tackles employee motivation, and points out 5 key ways to motivate and encourage great employees. 4.5 Bad Habits HR Needs to Break in 2015: Habit #5 In Christopher Koch’s article he looks at some of the bad habits that HR needs to address in 2015.  In particular, he identifies some of the problems that part time staff face as the often invisible part of many companies. 5.4 Management Development Training Methods to Know Finally in this article we look at management development training and focus on 4 key methods that you should know. From simulation to gamification or IBT, you’ll be sure to find a management development training solution that meets your needs.
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