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7 Mobile Random Mobile Learning Facts With growing use of mobile phones and smartphones, mobile learning is gradually becoming the standard in education settings. Justin Ferriman’s article takes a sneak peek to some facts about mobile learning. There are plenty, must-learn facts about mobile learning here. 7 Signs Your Sales Training Needs a Revamp It is always wise to revamp your sales team training from time to time. Eddy Ricci highlights 7 symptoms of a sales team that needs to be rejuvenated. A must-read for anyone who wants to have their sales team in shape at all times. Taking the Next Step after Training What comes next after you undergo rigorous training for months or weeks? Rest? Not really- there is a whole lot more you need to accomplish. This article by Training Journal suggests some of the things one needs to do to put their training to good use. Fun for Learning’s Sake Psychologists claim that learning in a positive (and fun-filled) environment can enable the brain to take in more information. How can a training manager ensure that the environment is right for trainees to grasp as much as possible and apply them? Ian Huckabee takes an incisive look at how to go about improving your training experience. The Pros and Cons of Employee Training Video Conferencing And here’s one I wrote on the pros & cons of using video conferencing in your corporate training- definitely worth the read.


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