This Week’s Breaking News in Training

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In this week’s best in Training, we look at just what do about skeptical, unwilling or even unhappy employees. From gamification to advances in technology, this weeks articles are about making employee positive changes.

1. Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology 

Rebecca Knight’s article identifies the challenges faced by employers when employees become skeptical about the effectiveness or necessity of new technology.

2. Are Your Employees Unhappy? Here’s How to Technology Can Help

In this article by Marc-Andre Lanciault, he looks at the importance of social media and corporate intranets to help workers become more engaged in their work. Dollarphotoclub_60762329

3.All Work and Some Play: A Guide to Gamification in the Workplace

In this article by A.J. O’Connell looks at the role of gamification in making training fun, clear and memorable.

4. Spend More on Training and Make More Overall

Finally in this article we link the impact of a higher training budget on an increase in sales.
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