This Week’s Latest News in Training

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In this week’s best in training, we look at the needs of our new employees and our star employees and find that training is essential to both. 1. Your New Employees Will Want These 6 Things When They Come On Board In this article by Andre Lavoie, he looks at how best to prepare for your newest recruits by outlining exactly what they need when they arrive. 2. David Cohen: Even Star Employees Need Training to Shine In David Cohen’s article, he makes the case for effective training in order to enhance your businesses onboarding processes. If you’re struggling with keeping up your momentum or struggling with successful onboarding, this article can help. 3. SharePoint as an LMS: Who Knew? Amber Rasmussen brings us this article outlining SharePoint’s role as a Learning Management System. If you’re not convinced of the possibilities of this synergy, this article cannot be missed. The audience listens to the acting in a conference hall 4. It’s Time to Finally Kiss Traditional E-Learning Goodbye In this article by Jenny Dearborn, she outlines the challenges presented by traditional e-learning models, and the changes needed in order to bring us all back to a focus on the learner. 5. Distance Learning – Pros and Cons Finally in this article we tackle the challenges faced by distance learning opportunities. In order to make the most of any distance learning opportunity that you take on or that you offer to your employees, this article will help you better understand the limits and possibilities involved in DL.
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