This Week’s Top Articles in Training

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1. Don Kirkpatrick’s Contribution to our Profession This tribute to the lasting influence of Don Kirkpatrick to learning and development, by David Vance is both a strong memorial and a good reminder about L&D values, and history. 2. A Network Rethink for Learning & Development Thomas Handcock’s article about collaborative and networked learning is an effective one. As Handcock argues, leadership development is most effective when you combine push learning, solid technology and consumable training. 3.  The Future of Learning This strong article by Beth Holland takes us on a journey into the future of L&D, suggesting that the changes we’ve been beginning to see in this industry are going to be even more flexible, customized and instant. We’ll have better feedback modules and technology will help us learn seamlessly. The future is bright. 4. Learning is Connecting Harold Jarche’s article about internet learning, addresses the changes in the industry as far as combining social media and elearning. You may be surprised by the top 10 web tools that businesses are using to help build their training modules. 5. Closing the Gap: From Training to Employee Proficiency This online presentation on training retention and relevance is a great one for those interested in ensuring that their training is relevant and immediately applicable.
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