What is Human Capital Development?

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What is human capital development? I’d heard the term human capital thrown around, and I suspected it was a a term that bridged together difference aspect of employee growth in the workplace. This happens a lot, as different niches of business professionals take general, shared facets, and make them unique to them out of instinct. But, what exactly is human capital development? I had to discern what human capital was first, and so I did some research, and at first, I thought I wasn’t finding anything, until I realized that most of it was redirecting me to another general niche, human resources. Human capital is human resources, if measured in managerial perspective. Really? Alright, then. So, that sent me in the right direction of what human capital development is, because it becomes obvious at that point. It’s basically the cultivation of skill, experience, creativity and other positive strengths and attributes within a corporate body of personnel. It’s beyond training or good work standards, and it’s into nurturing an organic, true social atmosphere that thrives and feeds off itself strongly and positively. This is a Zen, and it’s one that’s going to prove to be very important. So, while the term is a little bit of a buzzword, what it actually alludes to is oddly important, and so I had to share this. I hadn’t seen it this way, but the organic business environment of mutual respect, friendship and comfort between all individuals within said body, with all positives and negatives balanced in offset, and encouraged development is how business has to survive in this century. This involves not only a positive, constant learning atmosphere with value put to accomplishments and knowledge, but also some unconventional thinking, I’d say. Embracing the non-locational workplace is going to be the best way to go about this, motivating work and acquiring additional personnel who otherwise would be unavailable due to where they live, or a desire to not work in an office eight hours a day. Surprisingly, people who work from home will actually work, and they will work harder, in comfort and positive atmosphere. There are a lot of miserable people who hate coming in every day and being in an office all day. Their discomfort and apathy will be a hindrance in their cases, to developing skills, engagement, ethics or creativity to enhance their work. I accept this new term, I think, because it reflects the new way we have to look at human resources and the business relationship and environment. The internet is making location a moot point for a lot of things, and I don’t’ see why it can’t help cultivate higher learning, engagement and productivity for a business. It’s already begun. What is human capital development? You could say it’s an organic view of personnel, learning and employee engagement strategy, but I’d actually say it’s the future, myself.