Smart Training Starts with Video Games

Smart training is more than just training your employees to be smarter, it is about training them in ways that connect to them more effectively. We know that practical, on-the-job training has better results compared to nontraditional training methods, but one area that is beginning to emerge is the use of video games. According to

My 5 Favorite Training Articles This Week

This week’s best training articles feature training innovations, empowering women and a data driven approach to employee training. Take a closer look at the articles below and enjoy some entertaining and informative reads. Innovative Job-Training Programs Are Important. Here’s Why: The White House says innovative job training is necessary for the growth of the economy.

Video: Social Media at Work

Technological growth of social media has a paradoxical nature. On one hand, it is quick to be adopted by the average consumers. But on the other hand, organizations are unwilling to integrate them. Red Sky Vision illustrates this disconnect between workplaces and social media and how it is currently being reconciled. Organizations are usually risk-averse.