15 Influencers You Should Follow Before the HR Tech Conference

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Conferences are great times to build connections and enhance your professional knowledge. Even more so when it comes to the biggest HR conference of the year. So why not start now? The HR Tech Conference brings together the best HR, employee engagement and training influencers, most of which I have been following on Twitter or connected with on LinkedIn for quite a while. I’ve compiled a list of 15 influencers I follow on Twitter, and believe you should too, as preparation for HR Tech. These are going to be some of the top presenters at the conference and are currently individuals I believe are great to follow on Twitter for clever insights (and not to mention the opportunity for valuable networking.) Goodluck!  

1. Jason Averbook


2. Cecile Alper-Leroux


3. Steven Hunt, Ph.D


4. Don Weinstein


5. China Gorman


6. Francine Katsoudas


7. Steve Boese


8. Neil Morrison


9. Laurie Zaucha


10. Bill Kutik


11. Jennifer Payne


12. Christy Childers


13. Craig Fisher


14. Jessica Lee


15. Jason Lauritsen

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