3 Major Benefits of Employee Training

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The blog has talked time and again about the benefits of employee training, above and beyond the basic orientation that must come with any entry to a job position or new corporate culture. We’ve pointed out the problems inherent in so many companies disregarding further training or better yet, constant learning as part of their innate corporate culture and philosophy. Yet a lot of companies are still slow to adapt, so I guess it’s just one of those things we have to keep harping on until the message is driven home. For those who’ve already taken this to heart, I apologize if I am sort of repeating myself here, but bear with me, as I may just have some new insight for you as well. That said, onward and upward we go … First of all, as I said before, given the dependence on technology that business environments of all forms now have, we find ourselves at the mercy of the tides of progress Now, I point this out for a reason, my friends. Allow me to wax tech-savvy for just a second, but I promise this isn’t convoluted. There’s a thing called Moore’s Law, which states that every six months, the amount of transistors on a chip doubles in count. This has held true since its first being said, and will continue to until some impassible plateau is reached. Now, what’s this to do with employee training? Simply put, with the advent of SaaS forcing constant updates on their users (which may sound inconvenient but in truth is not), and with the state of progress speed, staged leaps forward in learning are no longer advisable or really practical to do. Employees will need to adhere to a state of steady, constant learning, so that they can stay timely with the technology that evolves around them. Second, when your company has to shift its paradigms to match the zeitgeist of the customer base, or to compete with others in a new way, employee training being a common, standard part of work life within the corporate culture makes this faster to implement, less expensive, and increases the reaction time of your corporate body to internal and external stimuli by a large magnitude. There is always going to be some shift that requires change, all one can do is make their company capable of changing on call. Finally, there’s the stronger sense of confidence in themselves and one another this breeds in employees. A greater sense of team, of goal orientation and a constant honing of the machine that is a company is bred in the training grounds. This should never be an isolated thing experienced in quick doses or only at orientation to company entry. The benefits of employee training are the speed and timeliness these grant the entire company, as well as the solidarity, sense of strength and sense of faith the employees will have in what they are a part of – something important a lot of big businesses tend to lose touch with sadly. Times change, but people will always be people. Before any step is being taken, Plan well your employee training manual, It is one of  the first ground rules. Good Luck.
Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe and Contributing Author to Training Station blog.