How Do Top Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Providers Boost User Adoption Rates

As an ATS provider, you know that the competition is pretty stiff out there. The explosion in demand has driven an ever increasing number of companies to enter the market. How can you break out of the pack by boosting your product adoption and increasing the frequency of customer usage? Here I will present some

4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing Employee Training

With the introduction of adaptive learning and semantic courses, training is poised to become a more transparent, data-driven process. Big Data is forecasted to make a major contribution towards corporate employee training and dramatically improve the user experience for everyone involved: learners, authors, and managers. The field of Big Data is growing tremendously. Gartner expects

4 Ways to ↑ ROI on Employee Training

We’ve all seen it happen, maybe more times than we’d like to admit. New employee comes aboard, new employee completes training, new employee quits. Even if there are plenty of qualified applicants in the sea, the real loss is the company time spent facilitating training. What could be more frustrating? It’s tempting to feel like

How To Create The Worst Employee Training Experience Ever

This article was originally published on e-Learning Industry. Training is a critical tool in building employee knowledge and a great way to retain and empower your team. While it takes many forms, and exists in a variety of venues, training is essential in order to foster your business’s vision, and maintain a competitive edge in

How to Create Simple, Interactive Scenarios for Rapid E-Learning

Large companies – UTC, Microsoft, Home Depot or whoever it might be – are always looking to training their hundreds of new monthly employees on the relevant business software in a way that is fast and impactful. Gartner wrote recently that “The benefits an organization plans to realize from a new [software] will not materialize

Using Technology to Drive Learner Responsibility

The rapid development in technology has transformed the way we regard our workplace in recent years. Technology has modified the way in which we learn. With this explosion of technology, people have started communicating and collaborating in different, more efficient ways. From infographics, to audio and video, to LMS software, to learning over consumer devices