Key Factors in Developing an Organizational Training Plan

Company’s training is essential in maintaining a vibrant business and in eliminating irrelevance. But most companies fail in organization development mainly because of weak training plans. Creating a great training plan from scratch can be a hard task and you may, therefore, need an employee training template. Some companies that have to train their employees

How to Create Graphical User Interface Design Tutorial

What is The Purpose of Graphical User Interface? Graphical user interface (GUI) allows use of icons and other visual indicators to interact with various electronic devices, rather than using text alone through the command line. A quick example: all the available versions of Microsoft Windows use GUI while the MS-DOS doesn’t. For the first time,

4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing Employee Training

With the introduction of adaptive learning and semantic courses, training is poised to become a more transparent, data-driven process. Big Data is forecasted to make a major contribution towards corporate employee training and dramatically improve the user experience for everyone involved: learners, authors, and managers. The field of Big Data is growing tremendously. Gartner expects