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The year of 2016 is coming to an end! Before we start celebrating the holidays, creating our New Year’s resolution and moving towards a new year of beginnings, we should take a chance to reflect on all the wonderful lessons we learned over the year. I think we should all make one of our New Year’s resolutions to better understand training and how it can benefit our employees. Feel free to go about this resolution anyway you please – I’ll be doing so by reading as many training articles possible. A good way to start is by reviewing past articles to see where we left off. Here is some light reading I’ve found to be valuable. Enjoy!

A Guide to Using Podcasts for Employee Training

According to this article from eLeap, the next step in employee training are podcasts. As they are becoming the most popular form of media, of course they would find a way to become the new form of training. This article is the ultimate guide to effectively use podcasts for training, along with the benefits it can provide. Whether you choose to use podcasts as a supplement tool or as main efforts, it’s sure to assist in only the best way possible. download-1

Invest in training your employees: 6 ways it will pay off for your business

There are so many benefits that employee training can bring to your business, and Sandra Swanepoel discusses 6 important ones. From increased performance, customer service, morale and much more. If you’ve been questioning about whether or not it will be good for your business, take a look at these benefits and invest!

How to Make Training Videos That Employees Want to Watch

Most training videos can be very mundane and feel almost like a chore, so it’s important to make sure videos are interesting and meaninful for the viewer to watch.  This article provides tips on how to make training videos something employees want to watch! Some ideas include making it illustrative and having a relatable spokesperson. This article also has some great video examples!

How to train new employees as your company grows

When your company is rapidly growing, whether through mergers or acquisitions, training your new employees can make or break your success. New employees will most likely have their own protocols and way of doing things, so you need to make sure you are preparing them correctly for what is to come.

How Good Design Is Improving Employee Training And Comprehension

When UX and UI meet training we get a much better ROI in employee performance. This article explores the fascinating world of incorporating rich media with having the best visuals to go with the best content. These practices can help any manager in giving employees what they need in order to cut the learning curve and work with encourages maximum productivity and efficiency. Following these tips, managers can streamline the whole process of training new employees.

59 Employee Engagement Ideas You Need to Know About

With such a crucial aspect like employee training you want to make sure your content stays relevant and engaging. This article is here to give you 59 new ideas about employee engagement that are sure to keep things interesting. There is something on this list for every company to utilize.

The Hunt For Employee Bonding

Making sure your employees get along and create a lasting bond in the workplace is just as important as making sure they are fully trained. This great article explains how you can create this bond with some simple, fun, and interactive activities for your employees to take part in together! One company took part in a scavenger hunt that invoked team building and long lasting friendships.


How To Manage A Negative Employee

Though you may spend hours vetting potential employees, it’s not uncommon to make a mistake when hiring. Some employees prove over time that they’re difficult to deal with and toxic to your culture. How do you deal with an employee like that? If you prefer trying to change them over firing them, then this article will shed some light on what it takes to manage a negative employee.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Employee Training

In this great article, Pulse Learning outlines 5 reasons why companies should invest in employee training, even when money is tight. Usually, employee training is the first thing to go when thing get financially tight in business. After reading these tips, it really shows 5 critical reasons why every manager should invest in employee training, and adjust the corporate culture to today’s business environment.

The Surprising Secret to Better Employee Engagement

This next article fits perfectly with the previous one. We need better ways to engage with our employees and obtain higher engagement from them. Here we suggest a personal one-on-one meeting that has 6 distinct steps to success, ultimately resulting in higher engagement.

How E-Learning Can Increase Employee Productivity

E-Learning for training your employees is what everyone is talking about. This way of learning could greatly improve productivity, engagement, flexibility and much more. This article explains the best way to get your employees onboard by presenting all the benefits. Along with these improvements, e-learning is also affordable – meaning no holes in your company’s pockets! download-3

3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company’s Success

This article presents the most important tip, appreciate your HR team and understand what they add to your company! Your HR department always puts their best foot forward and makes sure that they hire the best employees that will be a right fit for the company, and they also put employee engagement as a top priority to ensure maximum productivity. All these reasons are why HR is essential and should be appreciated all year-round!

6 Online Training Mistakes That Drive Corporate Learners Crazy

Nowadays, the best of U.S trainers know the many advantages of online employee training. However, just like the more “traditional” methods, the digital ones can also flunk when not done right. When a digital method goes wrong, it can cause frustration, and waste company time and money. For instance, take “Thinking that all employees have the same needs, goals, and preferences.” – just like every human being is different, your training program cannot be “generic,” because the “one size fits all” situation does not apply here. On this list, you can also find: overwhelming employees with too much information and neglecting to add forms of entertainment or excitement. In this article, the eLearning Industry outlines the top 6 online training mistakes that drive corporate learners absolutely crazy.

Ditch The Employee Engagement Survey — Here Are Ten Better Ways To Listen

This interesting article suggests that surveys are the wrong way to receive feedback from employees, as it communicates the wrong message. It seems to convey an impersonal message that is very limited in the types of response and answers you may get. This article discusses 10 cheap and fruitful ideas for ways to listen to your employees and increase engagement. workplace-1245776_1920-1

6 Key Blended Learning Benefits For Corporate Training

“To blend, or not to blend?” – is this your question? Or, perhaps, you ask it this way, “what training strategy is the most effective for our business needs?” The answer, according to Ruby Spencer, is that you need a mix of training strategies to deliver the best results. This is why a variety of learning approaches just might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Read this article for 6 advantages of this learning method, from the flexibility it brings, to its cross effectiveness.

Training and Development: 9 Ways to Find Out Where Your Employees Need Training

You may already have an employee training program in place, but there is always room for improvements, especially in the problem areas of the program. First, you need to discover what areas your employees need the most support. This can be done through performance appraisals, customer feedback, as well as employee requests just to name a few.

5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Motivating Their Team

Leaders and managers set the tone for their employees and their team. Leaders must keep their staff motivated in order for them to work to the best of their ability. To ensure employees stay motivated, you have to avoid common mistakes that could deplete their efficiency and productivity. For example, if your employees aren’t motivated it may be because you are micromanaging, or any of these other 4 major mistakes. download-4

Employers Rank Employee Engagement As A Strategic Priority

Engagement from employees has always been a key factor to increased company productivity. Lately however, employers are really beginning to notice that employee engagement is a top priority for their businesses. In order to grow, companies must make more of an effort to boost employee morale, which will ultimately reflect in a better company appearance.

Investing in Long-Term Training Can Boost Business Growth

Through the great example of Coca-Cola, this article expresses how long-term training will ultimately boost the growth of your business! Coca-Cola’s fifth largest division focuses on the goals of the people and the organization. Read about how this company grew through successful employee training programs, and how you can apply these tactics to your own company.

Sick of Losing Your Best Employees? Stop Making These Mistakes

We always want to keep our best employees around, they keep our companies thriving! So how do we ensure that we keep these great employees for the long term? This article suggests 3 ways -creating a retention plan, encouraging communication, and promoting from within. This article details how you can prevent your best employees from walking out your door.
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