3 Top Performance Management Software

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Following Jason’s post yesterday about performance management, let’s take a look at a few performance management software examples. You’re no doubt aware of how important a continuous learning environment is for your business in this day and age. It’s a fact of life now, and just as many companies are willingly accepting gamification as an inevitable necessity for positive work environments, so must they accept that performance management software is a must have, in order to get metrics needed to maintain continuous learning and gamification as well. Performance management software is a highly developed and varietous niche of SaaS, and you have a good deal of great choices available, more than I can really name. In fact, I can’t say that any I’ve seen are particularly bad, but I can say that I’ve seen others that are exemplary. So, I’m going to talk quickly about three of what I think are the best, but some of the alternatives are just as good. The order in which I name these means nothing, I just mention them in the order I researched them, more or less. So, there is no number one, really.

#1 (anyway!) – New Relic

New Relic is a metrics optimization based program, which handles over 62 billion metrics daily, at blinding speeds. Designed around web application and digital workspace performance tracking, it’s great to facilitate the new crowdsourced workforce, as well as the digital services marketplace. It’s a little costly, but affordable to small businesses, and given the convention of small businesses being mostly digital, this is very facilitative for them.

#2 – Librato

Librato is similar to New Relic, but is designed to be less centered around web performance, making it good for integrating with learning software to track training or constant learning environments. It’s very scalable, but may be a bit overpowered for the small business owner. However, it’s very easy to use and very stable, and its price isn’t half bad, so it you’re not going digital completely, this is a good middle of the road choice, balance-wise.

#3 – PacketTrap RMM

What makes packetTrap RMM so interesting is that in a constant learning environment, it’s a great way for IT to track problems with infrastructure or to spot where employees are having trouble with their systems or learning proficiency with them. Add the ability to tie this in with a learning management system like WalkMe, and you get a really powerful way for IT people to see to it that new systems in place are being properly learned and troubleshot by everyone involved. This kind of instant learning and reaction is a new and wondrous thing, something that at one time would have been thought of as mere science fiction. Performance management software is an important asset to have, and like any metric, you need to have the best, most precise measurements from the most precise channels possible. Without good software to handle this, you are basically driving without a speedometer, and it’s just as dangerous as it sounds, if for different reasons. Crafting better performance is vital, be sure to read our Knowledge management tools for further assistance.
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