3 Ways Training is the Best Employee Medicine

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Jason @TStationBlog Silberman Any HR manager in a large company can tell you about the complexities of employee satisfaction and retention. Are they happy or unhappy (but not telling us)? Is a lack of engagement, motivation and satisfaction impacting performance and productivity, and from the worker reaching his/her full potential? Sometimes it’s best to begin at the beginning, from the initial training period once an employee has joined the company. There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about the link between training and a company’s overall employee engagement strategy. Companies not only need to ensure that employees are well-skilled and competitive, but must also develop strategies that drive employee satisfaction and engagement, and to reduce the cost of employee turnover. A recent survey indicated that approximately 40 percent of employees who receive substandard training opportunities leave their roles within the first year. Gartner Analysts write about the delays your company can experience: “Business objectives cannot be realized until the new applications are in place and users have embraced and are proficient with the new applications and processes.” So, to help make the case for employee training, and to emphasize the direct impact it can have on employee satisfaction, worker retention and productivity, here are 3 ways that training can be the best medicine. 1) Training Increases Motivation, Team Building & Productivity Often, if a business is experiencing a bit of a slump, or having some difficulty recovering from a particularly large change, training serves as an exceptional motivator. Not only does it increase employees’ belief that they are valuable to your organization, and worth your time and investment. This increases their job satisfaction, and keeps them competitive. Remember, when you train your employees on your own time, you’ll reduce attrition and increase motivation. You have serious turnover costs to consider, so make the case for building investment in your employees and in acceptable knowledge transfer programs. In addition, by training your employees on relationship management and communication you can alleviate some poor communication issues between staff members and lower incidents of dispute amongst team members. Dollarphotoclub_60762329 2) Improved Customer Service/Experience Well-trained employees who are dedicated to your business and who feel confident in their place within your organization are more likely to be loyal. And loyal, dedicated employees are more likely to provide exceptional customer service. Boosting staff morale is one surefire way to retain customers, and maintain critical relationships. If you’re not convinced of this, you have to look no further than Apple’s secret employee customer service training manual. Training future “geniuses” is not an easy process for Apple, and their manual showcases some of the most exceptional communication strategies possible. By training their staff exceptionally well for any customer facing interaction, Apple has seen significant success. 3) Training Is an Excellent Recruiting Tool Today’s workers are seeking employment in a variety of places. The best in their fields are savvy and aware that they are entering a fast-paced industry. For this reason, a well-established and well supported employee training program can be an important incentive. They need to see that employees are encouraged to succeed and given every opportunity to do so. In other words, they want more than a paycheck. They want employment which encourages them to gain a competitive edge, and to recognize development opportunities. By having a solid and well developed training program, you’ll be recognized as an exceptional business which will draw more of the best and brightest to your door. Employee training can build teams, promote job satisfaction, act as a recruiting tool and improve customer service. It therefore makes excellent business sense. The expense of training your employees is justifiable and their training truly makes a difference. Enjoyed this Article? SHARE with Your Friends & Coworkers!  
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog