5 Best Inside Sales Tools for People Management

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The rise of inside sales has led to new opportunities as well as new challenges for today’s sales manager. One might find oneself managing a sales team that is new to the field, a team that telecommutes, or even a team assembled from different locations across the globe. Fortunately, there are many inside sales tools that can help one’s people management strategies. These exciting technologies can make the difference in effectively training new employees and generally reaching their full potential in inside sales. Use of sales performance management software to guide and incentive personnel, along with sales operation management and territory management software can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. It’s no wonder that such tools as WalkMe, Beqom, Optymyze, AlignStar, and Anaplan are at the forefront of insides sales.


Most sales CRMs, like Salesforce, can be fairly confusing to new hires. This results in long training times and poor knowledge retention. Large enterprises constantly look for sales training solutions that can help new sales reps hit the ground running. WalkMe provides enterprises with onscreen contextual guidance, in the form of step-by-step walkthroughs. WalkMe cuts the learning curve, increases productivity and even monitors performance. The real beauty of WalkMe is that it can be easily integrated into any website or sales CRM. Currently serving some of the world’s largest enterprises, WalkMe is a key tool for people management in the fast-paced inside sales realm.


Another tool that one can use in people management is Beqom, a Sales Performance Management system that provides employees with clear direction and understanding of their performance relative to internal and external benchmarks. Beqom’s incentive management software leads to a focused, motivated team—and a motivated team is a successful team.


Similarly, Optymze is  Sales Operation Management software that centrally manages sales people, channels, and territories, allowing for easily accessible information on your sales team, channels, and territories in just a few clicks. Sales Operation management software leads to more useful data, as well as improved sales performance and better customer-client relations.


Likewise, AlignStar is territory management software that uses GIS mapping technology to provide a geographic view of sales territories, historical sales data and quotas. This is useful in mapping out just where your inside sales are happening in the real world. Territory management software can cut down on the time spent in territory planning and aligning, and identify white-space opportunity for increased revenue.


Of course, there’s Anaplan, which uses Sales Performance Management technology to align sales behaviors with company goals. Customer relation management (CRM) is key to any successful sales company, and Anaplan can provide sales forecasts to guide effective future strategies.  It’s no wonder that companies are turning to cutting edge technology like Anaplan to optimize their operations.   In this day and age, sales training solutions designed to help organizations salespeople master the policies, procedures, processes, methodologies, practices, and market and product information required to fulfill sales responsibilities can make all the difference in your company’s success. Whether you’re a VP of sales, a director, or a sales application leader, sophisticated use of contextual training platforms like WalkMe and other cutting edge technologies leads to better trained salespeople, happier teams, and better results for your company.
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