5 Employee Training Podcasts for your Drive to Work

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Get a new outlook on employee training by checking out some podcasts from my list of favorites. I found them rather helpful and interesting to listen to, especially on my drive to work. If you get invested in the conversation, it can feel like the people are sitting in the car with you. If you’re looking for an easy way to get some extra knowledge, podcasts are great passive learning tool that can compliment tasks like driving, doing chores or working out. Podcasts were a nice addition to my list of learning methods, and I think they’ll benefit you as well. Take a listen to these great podcasts I highly recommend!

1. Leadership Podcast: How to Improve Employee Engagement

Want to learn how to improve employee engagement? This podcast is all about how to increase productivity and reduce turnover, all whilst cultivating a workforce of fully engaged employees.

2. Embrace Differences When Training Intergenerational Groups

Differences can be a great thing to have within a company. This podcast talks about how to embrace these differences through common conflicts between mixed generations.

3. Employee Mentoring

This series of podcasts is all about learning how to properly mentor employees. With many more segments set to be released soon, this is a series to keep track of. photo-1435773658541-98cedf12d3cd (2)

4. Sustainability and Employee Training at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

This podcast discusses how the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company implements sustainability practices and employee training programs. This podcasts helps us learn from their accomplishments.

5. Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?

Lastly, this podcast shows us how effective employee training leads to higher profits for a company. According to the podcast, research shows that industries in which the main assets are skilled professionals have seen increases in profits because of more focused employee training programs. Don’t brush training off as a formality – it could help you in too many ways to ignore.
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