My 5 Favorite Training Articles This Week

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This week’s best training articles feature training innovations, empowering women and a data driven approach to employee training. Take a closer look at the articles below and enjoy some entertaining and informative reads.

Innovative Job-Training Programs Are Important. Here’s Why:

The White House says innovative job training is necessary for the growth of the economy. According to President Obama one third of the million jobs currently available are in the tech industry and they happen to pay 1.5 times more than the average private sector earnings. The president says that for the US remain a global economic powerhouse and create pathways to the middleclass a highly trained workforce is vital.

Training program empowers women entrepreneurs

Coca Cola in the Philippines has created a women entrepreneur empowerment program dubbed STARR. This is part of the 5by20 program that seeks to empower 5 million entrepreneurs globally by the year 2020.

Small and medium businesses losing employees due to lack of training opportunities, study finds

According to the AAT UK more than a third of people mandated with handling finances in SMBS don’t have the necessary qualifications. Additionally only 26% of SMBS in the UK put aside money for ongoing employee training methods, while 15% don’t spend anything. This has made may individuals to start looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

A Data-driven Approach to Linking Training to Customer Success

SaaS providers need to integrate a data-driven approach. Basically these firms need to figure out if their clients are in fact using their products, can they use them more and in a better manner.

Video: Social media at work

For a long time social media integration into mainstream business has been a bittersweet affair. The average consumer easily embraces these platforms, but many organizations are noncommittal. However, now some firms are placing an emphasis on social media in their intranet networks. Additional information is available on employee training articles page for further reading.
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