Video: Social Media at Work

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Technological growth of social media has a paradoxical nature. On one hand, it is quick to be adopted by the average consumers. But on the other hand, organizations are unwilling to integrate them. Red Sky Vision illustrates this disconnect between workplaces and social media and how it is currently being reconciled. Organizations are usually risk-averse. They place barriers in the way of social media, either citing labor costs, capital costs, or generally scoffing at the nature of new technologies. 52% of global internal communicators suggest that they do not have a social media policy in place. However, there is currently a shift in this old-fashioned view of social media. There is a greater emphasis on social content on intranets, which are private networks in the organization. These networks transform the technology from a lifeless data machine into a living, breathing community to share ideas.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog