5 Must-Reads in Training Management This Week

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Employee Training innovation never ceases to surprise and this week’s articles are no different. Read all about how surgeons are playing mobile games to prepare for the emergency room, how user experience and visuals can take any training program to the next level, and pro tips on how to get that promotion you are aiming for.

Bringing Training Down to Business

This article is a little different than my regular manifesto. It shows a review by Simona Vidican of 4 leading training books, while offering a summary of the key points in each book. True, reading a book takes longer than reading an article, but here you can truly find the top notch content to read.

How Good Design Is Improving Employee Training And Comprehension

When UX and UI meet training we get a much better ROI in employee performance. This article explores the fascinating world of incorporating rich media with having the best visuals to go with the best content. These practices can help any manager in giving employees what they need in order to cut the learning curve and work with encourages maximum productivity and efficiency. By doing that, managers can streamline the whole process of training new employees.

Virtual Reality Operating Simulators: Gamification in Training Surgeons

Enjoy this rare glimpse by Brigg Patten, of future health care, telling the story of how medical schools will teach surgeons in the future. This story is another incredible achievement attained by combining training with the aspect of gamification. Read all about how doctors are playing to become real certified surgeons.

This Year’s Biggest Wins For Women in the Workplace

Coca Cola, Facebook and Google actively engages in unconscious bias training, which was turned into a standard part of these companies’ HR departments lexicon.  This provides them with not only with high quality work force, but also provides them with positive image for their brand. Training such as this is important even if every employee honestly avoids any form of discrimination.

Training Managers, Want a Promotion in 2016? Follow these 9 Steps from Training Experts

You know that you deserve a promotion. Now, your New Year’s resolution is to convince your management of that. I spoke to a few training experts in the field, and gathered their advice on how to get that coveted promotion. So, here is your 9-step guide to push your own personal boundaries in 2016 to finally turn your resolution into a reality.
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