5 Sales Enablement Tools to Consider

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Sales enablement tools traditionally referred to any equipment, format or medium which optimized a company’s marketing capabilities. These days, however, these tools generally refer to various types of software which increase the efficiency and returns of marketing campaigns, many of which are reliant on digital gadgets and online networks. 

The popularization of most sales enablement tools was largely the result of the digital marketing landscape that developed in the previous decades. Thanks to the exploding amounts of content available through the digital format, sales representatives had to rethink their marketing paradigm and this led to the adoption to a hodgepodge combination of online and offline marketing activities. 

For a short while, this new hybrid approach to sales and marketing worked. The only problem, however, was that this new multi-format approach was very chaotic and difficult to manage. Most field sales representatives simply found it difficult to adapt to the large amount of information that bombarded them regularly. 

This was the reason why sales enablement was created in the first place, to address these problems and to provide marketing solutions to sales executives, by aligning existing strategies with the appropriate tools, in order to eliminate structural inefficiencies in most marketing strategies. Furthermore, sales enablement allowed for additional centralization of company assets, which in turn empowered marketing teams to more easily identify lucrative opportunities, while meeting their goals more efficiently. 

In short, sales enablement tools are meant to centralize the disparate elements of the digital marketing landscape in order to make each marketing campaign more efficient. The idea here is that if your marketing staff can make sense of all the data that comes from digital and offline sources then they will be able to close deals more easily. So if you’re looking for some great sales enablement tools for your company then here are several great samples for you to try.

5 Sales Enablement Tools to Consider

1. Bloomfire

If your company uses an extensive knowledge base to establish its marketing and sales strategy then you should use Bloomfire. Bloomfire is a comprehensive platform that is great for managing large amounts of company assets, templates, reports, proposals, sales documents and almost any type of information found in a corporate environment. 

Furthermore, this tool is designed to identify qualified prospects for sales and convert them into satisfied clients. When you use Bloomfire, you will be able to centralize practically all of your company’s sales activities into a single, efficient and highly organized repository. Its key features include: 
  • Efficiently identify and filter out irrelevant content from valuable user feeds
  • Offers several social engagement tools
  • Allows users to more easily organize their sales content
  • An analytics and reports dashboard is available for sales staff

2. TinderBox

TinderBox is the kind of sales enablement tool for sales and marketing executives that have a lot of assets. Not only is it great for managing information and resources, it can also help you develop them in relatively short amounts of time. With TinderBox, not only will you have a much easier time creating proposals and presentations, you’ll also be able to manage a lot of the resources that come from the rest of your sales team. TinderBox offers the following key features 
  •  Allows users to more easily track their transaction online
  •  Offers a centralized repository for various sales content
  •  Offers a wide variety of content templates 
  •  Allows custom branding for sales materials
  •  Offers tracking as well as analytics for all sales assets 
  •  May be used to send out notifications, roles and permissions to your sales staff 

3. CallidusCloud

CallidusCloud is a sales enablement tool that is designed to increase a sales rep’s weekly productivity. To this end, CallidusCloud offers a wide variety of content analytics which are designed to reduce the amount of unnecessary selling collateral in your marketing strategy, while at same time, combining your company’s sales and marketing initiatives in order to deliver better results. Key features of CallidusCloud include:
  •  Highly organized categorization
  •  An efficient tagging system
  •  Offers its own mobile sales advisor to help users make better decisions
  •  Easy-to-Access content
  •  Real time pricing
  •  Helps to secure channel messaging between partners

4. Mediafly SalesKit

For sales executives that always want to get the latest sales and marketing, Mediafly SalesKit is the ideal tool for the job. This product is designed for sales executives who value their field sales team, and who wish to give them easy access to contextual content, while helping them to deliver the best performances with their prospects. Key features of this product include: 

  • Offers activity reporting which allows sales personnel to identify the best content for prospects
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Designed for users in the field
  • Custom branding is available
  • Compatible with other established sales tools to maintain field productivity. 

5. Qvidian 

Qvidian is the type of tool that allows companies to better understand their best sales personnel by identifying what works and what doesn’t work. Qvidian also allows companies to identify areas of opportunity within their marketing team and then implement reforms that would allow for better performance all across the sales department. So whether it’s proposals, sales analytics or marketing strategies, Qvidian is the kind of tool that allows for increased sales productivity. Additional key features by Qvidian include: 
  •  Can be used as a great administrative tool for optimizing sales output
  •  Useful for creating personalized sales proposals as well as RFP’s
  •  May be used for creating more effective sales documents.


Sales enablement tools are precisely what their name implies: They enable sales. Although it’s certainly possible for sales personnel to continue doing their work without these tools, they wouldn’t be as efficient or productive. These tools are designed to make selling easy by giving field representatives all the tools they need to get the job done. 

Despite the seemingly simple concept behind selling, modern sales strategies involve a large amount of tools, data and resources in order to convert even a fraction of their prospects. This is why these tools exist, and why sales representatives need to use them on a regular basis. So if you want most of your sales personnel to become more productive then you will need to give them quality sales enablement tools.
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