5 Ways To Thank Your Employees This Thanksgiving

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This holiday season, before we sit down with our families around a delicious Turkey, count our blessings and fill our stomachs, we should each take a moment to appreciate our second families!   The great work our employees put in should never be overlooked, including their work ethic and their productivity levels. So, how do we properly say thank you for all of their hard work?   There are the obvious ideas, like a “Happy Holiday” email, or a “Happy Hour” in the office, but sometimes you want (and should) show that you put more thought into things.   This upcoming list provides some fruitful ideas to show how we truly care and appreciate their efforts. Feel free to modify according to your workplace and employees to make it feel more personal!

1. Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner

To kickoff the holidays, a festive dinner with your second family is a great way to go! If we put the thought into creating an event, our employees are sure to feel like they hold an important place in our lives.   An interesting way to get everyone involved would be to organize a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. This way, the employees can create their favorite dishes and sharing their Thanksgiving traditions.   Make sure to schedule this event during a time where all employees feel that they can attend while putting their best foot forward, whether this be during working hours or a weekday night.   photo-1456404823214-a69ef7a1fa-1-1

2. Weekend Getaway

  This next idea may take a little extra planning, but if executed correctly could result in a great bonding experience for your second family. This “weekend getaway” by no means has to be extravagant!   It could range from a day trip to a local attraction to a weekend retreat. For some, this may be a bit of a stretch for the Thanksgiving season, so feel free to hold off on any vacations until December.  

3. Thoughtful Gifts

Receiving a thoughtful gift from an employer may be the small extra step that makes employees feel special. This gift does not need to be expensive or lavish.   A treat from a local bakery, a small bouquet, or a gift basket is a great way to show your thanks during the holiday season. If there is a little extra money in the budget, splurging on a bottle of wine could also be a nice gesture. photo-1464348123218-0ee63dfd2746-1

4. Personalized Thank You Cards

Taking the time to personally hand write thank you cards is a thoughtful way to take that extra step forward. We should all express our gratitude for the hard work each of our employees put in.   This could lead to higher motivation levels resulting in an end of the year boost! Be sure to pinpoint what each employee did well, how they benefit the team, and just how thankful you are!  

5. Give Back!

  Put your team in the giving mood! This could mean taking a trip to volunteer at a local soup kitchen, donating old clothes to the Salvation Army, or really any ideas the team can come up with to benefit the greater good.   They should be passionate about giving back to their community, making them feel that much more grateful for their families.
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