7 Sales Training Solutions Worth Investigating

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For sales companies, managing their Salesforce is paramount. Properly training and monitoring employees often means the difference between a sale and a bust. To tackle this issue, many companies now use sales training solutions. These solutions are a form of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that is used to impart necessary skills and knowledge to a company’s salespeople. Using training solutions allows companies to improve in a range of fields: from hiring and onboarding to continued employee education and on skills and business practices. Many of these solutions even offer Knowledge management tools that make many procedures, such as employee appraisal, more efficient. Here are 7 sales training solutions worth investigating.


WalkMe is a solution provider for all tutorial and training needs. It offers an integrative program with customizable elements for tutorial, training and real time couching. The solution can be applied as a tool for onboarding, workforce training and optimization.

Axiom Sales Force Development

Axiom is a sales development company that provides their clients with an integrated training program. This program allows companies to better train their employees, access real-time sales probabilities and continued salesforce improvement. Their solution allows their clients to streamlined New-hire integrations and optimizing sales through improved forecasting abilities.


Brainshark provides solutions meant to improve sales by increasing the value of salesperson’s contribution to the sale conversation. Their solutions focus on improvements in training and onboarding, enabling sales and audience engagement. Its solutions focus on employee enrichment and its contribution to sales.


CallidusCloud is a provider of cloud based solutions for sales, marketing and learning solutions. It provides clients with a suite of solutions meant to streamline the processing from marketing to sales. Through its focus on training, sales coaching and workforce management, it enables sales management.

Cloudcoaching International

Cloudcoaching international is a strategy company that assists their clients in strategy integration, applying processes and improving training and technology. It uses solutions, consultants and coaching to improve business practices as well as cloud based applications to assist in these strategies. Cornerstone OnDemand- Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud based service and software provider. They supply their clients with management cross-platform software that operates as a service for management enablement. The software enables improvements in training and management as well as recruitment and inter-personal online connectivity.

IBM (Kenexa)

IBM (Kenexa) is a solution provider focusing on workforce training and connectivity. It offers a variety of solutions; each dedicated to a different aspect of workforce management. Their solutions include help in assessments, onboarding and employee engagement. Many of their solutions could be applied in sales enablement management.


With constant innovations in cloud technology and more intricate solutions being offered, companies can now apply new and more efficient methods to their employee training and management. Integrating training solutions into salesforce management can be a critical part of creating the effective workforce required of a modern sales company.
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