The Benefits of Mobile Learning

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There are several benefits of mobile learning that users experience when they use mobile platforms. Mobile learning can best be described as information on the go. Gone are the days where you had to be physically in a class, conference or you had to pick up a magazine to learn something new. Nowadays, you can access information from your phone and other portable gadgets such as tablets and MP3 players. Affordable Mobile learning is relatively inexpensive when compared to other physical forms of learning. For starters, mobile devices such as phones are extremely affordable in the world today due to the variety of manufacturers available. It is easy to get a simple, yet efficient device at a reasonable price. The cost of using these devices is also affordable since internet is quite inexpensive. Also, most learning materials can be downloaded and stored in the device. As such, one can access them offline without having to spend money on internet. The fact that you can access all types of learning material in one device makes this system affordable. Ownership of learning materials or platforms with you at any time means that you do not have to travel to different places to get information. Mobile learning eliminates transport expenses. Easy Accessibility Mobile learning tools have easy accessibility. In formal online learning platforms, users are only required to register as members. The membership might or might not be charged, but even so, it is usually a small fee. With that membership, one can access all the information they need on that particular platform. In informal sites, anyone can access information without limitation. The online community operates 24/7 hence users can access information at their own suitable time. This makes learning flexible, unlike with normal class systems that are limited to certain times. Flexibility is experienced in time and the learning material. With the learning material, users can use the information they can take in at a time. They do not run on a strict syllabus or curriculum. Also, accessibility is enhanced through links that point users to extra information. These links eliminate the need to do constant searching of information in libraries, books and magazines. You can easily look for, and get the specific thing you want. Interaction Mobile learning creates online communities. Online communities are found on blogs, social media sites such as Facebook and learning forums. These communities consist of learners, teachers and experts in certain fields. As such, a user can interact with fellow learners or experts in order to enhance their understanding in certain fields. Most, if not all, of these communities always hold constant discussions on different subjects. From these discussions, a user can easily identify someone who can help them. One may directly contact a fellow user or simply take part in the discussions. Sharing information has always been termed as the best way to really understand something or learn more about something. Interaction breeds success and understanding, plus it breaks the monotony of boring reading.   These benefits of mobile learning clearly reveal that this is one of the best learning tools in the world today. It brings people from different parts of the world together and makes learning an easy and fun process.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog