Mobile Learning Solutions for Organizational Learning

Mobile learning solutions are implemented by all types of organizations, and not just corporations. Because of this, mobile learning. or m-learning, often has different meanings for different communities. They can be understood either as a special type of e-learning, a distance education strategy or simply as one of the latest manifestations of educational technology. What

Mobile Learning Apps That Will Improve Training

It is very important to understand that mobile learning apps are not only an alternative, replacement or new addition to existing training methods. In fact, mobile learning applications should be considered a way to enhance or augment all types of learning. Most business organizations are now using mobile devices in the regular learning environment. These

Three Challenges With Training a Mobile Sales Team

This is a guestpost by Laura Martin, Vice President of Marketing at Axonify.   Three Challenges With Training a Mobile Sales Team Hot off the heels of mLearnCon 2013, we decided to write about an area of training that could greatly benefit from mobile applications. That area is sales training. More specifically, training a sales team