Mobile Learning Apps That Will Improve Training

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It is very important to understand that mobile learning apps are not only an alternative, replacement or new addition to existing training methods. In fact, mobile learning applications should be considered a way to enhance or augment all types of learning. Most business organizations are now using mobile devices in the regular learning environment. These business organizations need to focus on how mobile learning not only supports the overall training strategy, but will also improve employee performance and productivity. Mobile performance support has quickly become one of the most talked about subjects in business organizations. In this post, we’ve discussed some of the best mobile learning applications you can use to improve training. Mobile Learning Apps are Perfect for Training and Performance Support Business organizations can easily, effectively and efficiently leverage existing mobile applications to create many different types of content for training and performance support. Some of these mobile applications can even feature location based and real time capabilities. When you look for numerous examples which potentially cross many different domains, you will be able to put together a list of the best mobile learning applications. These applications can help you develop different kinds of micro strategies to design various training and performance support solutions. Aurasma This mobile learning application was released in 2011. Aurasma is considered to be the perfect augmented reality solution. It allows users to create augmented reality experiences or auras which can be easily combined with different geographical locations. This results in multiple opportunities for training and performance support. For instance, you can consider some pre-recorded videos of repair and maintenance procedures for an automobile engine. When this information is presented in such manner with an augmented reality application and geographical location, it can be quite effective for providing quality training. Snapguide – Snapguide can provide you with a very simple and easy way to create, consume and share instructional knowledge. This app is completely free. However, it is only available for the iOS. With this application, you can receive easy to understand and simple instructions with How To guides for a wide range of subjects. For instance, you can watch videos or read a step by step guide to show users how they can delete batch photos from an iPhone or iPad while using a Mac. This is one of the most popular mobile learning applications for training purposes. Wikitude – This is another popular type of augmented reality platform. It allows users to add more digital content on top of everything being seen via the mobile camera. This application features geographically located information, image tracking and image recognition for training and performance support. This app can be perfect for language learning. Evernote – Evernote makes it very easy for you to remember things. You can use this application for capturing images, notes, videos and information which could be easily used for performance support. Evernote also features many add-on apps which expand its capabilities further. In addition to the above mentioned application, there are many other mobile learning applications you can use to improve training and performance support. You can look for mobile learning apps to suit your business needs and requirements.
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