Best Articles of the Week – Millennials Onboarding

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This week the summery of best articles from all around the web here, on Trainin Station will focus on the young rising power in the labor – Millennials. They are the first computerized generation, with better than ever sense for technology and abilities to adapt to it. Here is how we, as corporate trainers, channel those young talents qualities for the success of our enterprise.  

How to focus on developing a future generations

The first article in our summery is one which explains the main idea behind employing young talents, and what it takes from an enterprise in order to do it successfully. One idea that really pops out here is the collaborations between enterprises and schools. Those collaborations are very common in the law and accounting departments, but are less used in the high-tech and industry departments.  

Listening intelligence in organizations

This article is a must read to all who want to know more about Millennials. They have many qualities, but they tend to be self-focused, their attention distribute skills are low and their focus durability is short. When those facts are taken into consideration, your training program should be adjusted in order to make the most out of their qualities (as the next article will advise), and improve their weak spots, because, as the articles suggest, lack of listening costs billions of dollars to the corporate world every year.

How E-Learning can increase Employee training in your company?

The Millennials are always connected, with computers, tablets and smart phones. They are literally never online. This is why e – learning is such an uprising force in the training industry. It just answer the need for online learning platform that uses the new generation addiction for information availability to adjust and improve the corporate training programs. If your training program is not yet upgraded to an online form, you are behind the curve.  

4 tips for getting millennials productive faster

I recently published my thoughts about millennials onboarding here on Training Station. My main idea is to challenge them – with performance evaluation, with advanced computerized tools, and challenge the training program by trying to personalize it. Using evaluation, advanced tools and personalization can really get your millennial talent a great welcome to your corporation, and give your corporation boost with contribute ready young blood.
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