Best Articles of Training and Development This Week

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Another week has come and gone and the world of Training is buzzing as always. Here, I’ve summed up all the latest news, reviews and innovations for you in one simple post. Take a look at the top Training stories from this week: #1 Stop trying to formalize informal learning Learning is a continuous process, each day we learn new skills, come across new ideas and share knowledge with the rest of the world. Read more about the need to supplement formal learning with informal learning from the expert, Stephanie Ivec. #2 5 Actions to boost team performance People tend to deliver great results when working as a team. Duncan Brodie provides a list of 5 actions that can enhance your team’s performance and efficiency. #3 Gaze into the future of E-learning with Karl Kapp E-learning is subjected to change as time goes by as a result of changes in demand of knowledge and technology. Ravi Pratap Singh takes a look at Karl Kapp revelations of the new era e-learning platform. #4 Pinterest for L&D We cannot afford to ignore the impact of Pinterest on social media. Here are some nuggets on how to derive maximum utility from Pinterest. Written by Jane Bozarth. #5 Workforce Training and development best practices Technology has made it easy to manage workforce training and development projects. Here is my new article on various best practices that should be put into consideration during this process. Further information is available on training and development articles page. Enjoy.

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