Best Employee Training Articles of the Month

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This month was full of great post, articles and information, here, on the Training Station Blog as well as around the web. We collected for you some of the most interesting posts and article, discussing the hottest topics in employee training management, such as gamification, learning retention and training evaluation. Hope we were able to save you precious browsing time.

Boost employee training with fun new technology

The search for innovative ways to improve your training program never stops, and can lead you to fun solutions. Those solutions can bring a two-way success, as they both increase the training program efficiency, and initiate a trust relations between the employees and the workplace – a crucial factor in any engaging process and a major contributor to the employee success in the long run. This article by Roz Bahrami supply interesting information about fun technologies that can be used in training, and definitely worth a look!

“Gamified” employee training works brilliantly but is little loved

“Gamified” employee training tools and programs are something we mention a lot here on the Training Station Blog, and, as a perfect continuation to the first article, bring some fun to the training stage, which is often conceived as tedious and boring. In this article, Yoav Vilner explains the pros of gamified training programs, and why trainers are afraid of it.

Improve your training programs by evaluation and planning (Getting the Most from Your Employee Training+ Getting the Most from Your Employee Training)

Here I would like to share two very interesting articles, one by Christo Popov – the founder and CRO of FastTrack, which was published on Forbes, and one by CIFFA. The two attempt to explain amajor issue a lot of training programs have – lack of efficiency and bad use of resources. Diagnosing what the training program’s focus should be, planning it well and doing extra effort on the “transfer” period when employees start their actual job after they are trained, are just some of the interesting thoughts these two articles share.

The Kirk Patrick 4-level training evaluation model

If you read the article shared in the previous paragraph, “Getting the Most from Your Employee Training and Development”,” you must have noticed the Kirk Patrick model. After being acquainted with this model, I decided it needs a section of its own here, on our monthly roundup. The 4 level training evaluation model, which was originally created in 1959 by Donald Kirk Patrick, helps evaluating training programs with 4 simple steps. A must read.

Sony Inc training program in numbers

Sony Inc. reveals its statistics from 2014 about employee training, and it is always very interesting to see how large enterprises train their masses of employees. “Spoiler Alert” – in Japan, a total of more than 13000 employees successfully took part in employee training, only in Sony, only in 2014. So…No more excuses of not being able to train a relatively not-so-large number of employees. Post training musts to maximize learning retention Post training is another problem we at Training Station discuss quite a bit. This post was shared here last month, listing and explaining the acts that must be done in order the increase the impact time of a training program, and refresh the  materials used for employee training.
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