Best Training Articles This Week

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The internet is full of empowering knowledge that is just a click away. But why spend hours browsing when you have this magnificent weekly roundup?  This week I have chosen a diverse group of articles for you, which raise interesting questions, such as what happens with training when you finish onboarding a new worker? Enjoy!

High Potentials: Tell Them Or Not?

In many educational systems there is a common dilemma: what do you do with your best students? Do you foster them? Let them succeed on their own? Do you even praise them they do good job? These questions should and are being asked in employee training programs as well. High potential employees can be a game changer for the enterprise, and when you recognize high potential employee you must take necessary steps to develop them.

5 Ways to Make Employee Training Fun

We always search for ways to improve our training programs, and make them less expensive. We can do it with some good advices, which can be found in this article. My personal take from it is the importance of using online tools to help you achieve your goals. They reduce training costs and save plenty of time.

 Employee Training is Not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

Many managers today already know the magnitude of employee training to their enterprise success, but still many fail to implement this knowledge in their workplace agenda and routine. This article, by The Public Servant, explains why the fact above is so crucial to your company, for the eyes of an experienced manager, who deals with the daily challenges every other manager deals with.   A hint – in the internet era we live in, you can miss opportunities in a blink of an eye.

How Regular Training Can Reduce Employee Turnover

Training is not done when the process of onboarding a new employee is finished- on the contrary. Training, like technology and time, never stops.  An organization that respects itself, continues to train, improve and develop his employees not only to increase their efficiency and productivity, but also to send them a message- you are important and your performance is important for the enterprise. This article by HRZone sets great examples on how this process works.

How the Reinforce Knowledge Post- Training

In this article, we give another two good ideas regarding post – onboarding training.   Supporting technologies, we suggest, are a great way to both boost the employee’s abilities at work on a daily basis, and save time and money on expensive training “stops” (you have to stop working to train.)
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