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1. 5 Things You Need to Know To Motivate Your Workforce Modern-day employees have different priorities and what fascinates them today isn’t what we once used to talk about. Employee motivation is an ever growing, dynamic sphere. Read this post by Gary Kunath to find out more about how to motivate a modern day employee. 2. How Training is Like Vacuuming Organizational training needs to be pursued in much the same way vacuum is done. Without the right strategy it’s pretty easy to miss many important basics. Peter Hochstaetter compares workplace training to vacuuming in this post. 3. Skillsoft and IBM Collaborate to Harness Big Data in Enterprise Learning Skillsoft recently joined hands with IBM research in an attempt to boost L&D outcomes. In this press release article, they announce the merits of this deal. Make sure to get the finer details of the new merger by reading this article. 4. Don’t Let New Employees Get Lost on the Learning Curve In most cases, new employees aren’t properly trained when they begin serving clients. They therefore have to stop to ask questions and seek for help time and again. Jeff Toister expounds more on how you can avoid a skill-gap when brining in new employees. 5. 2 Small Training Changes That Will Have Big Results Setting up an effective training program is easier said than done. Most resources used in employee training often go down the drain as the results are not always tangible. In this article I share with you some quick tips on how to maximize on your training programs.


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