Diversity Training – Best Practices For Training Managers

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In order to prepare the workforce of an organization for understanding and accepting the changes in the work process and execution according to the changes for the benefit of the origination an effective diversity training program is required not only for the subordinate staff but for managers also. This training program should include a set of instruction especially designed to increase the knowledge, skills and cultural awareness of the participating staff of and for the benefit of the organization.

Best Practices in Diversity Training

It can be successfully implemented by including groups with different identities for promoting the participants for better teamwork as well as protecting the organization from the violations of civil rights. In order to create a positive diverse environment in an organization certain specific various training programs have to be adopted even if there are controversies regard their counter productivities and moral values. Information about some of the best practices for this type of training for managers is provided hereunder for your guidance. Consistency According to experts in this field a diversity training program should be consistent as things continue to change forever with the passage of time due to changes in technologies and environment. The expansion in the workforce in any economy will need more diversified training program to adjust the coming workforce in productive works. But this type of training becomes helpless at the time of appraisals and promotions when company management find itself helpless in promoting the most eligible candidate with cultural and ethical background for the benefit of the organization. But still diversity training should be considered as a continuous process that has nothing to do with quarterly mandatory training program or employee orientation program. It should be continued to make the executives, managers and the staff of the organization to realize the importance of its entire workforce by providing them equal opportunities for the benefit of the organization. Coordinate the Program With Current Information A diversity training program can be successful only if it is supplemented with information to the employees including managers of the organization by increasing their accessibility to the libraries, according to various experts of this type of training programs. Magazines, books, pamphlets and other reading material should be made available in the libraries that can be used to effectively explain the significance of diversity management in the place of work to them. In order to find suitable information resources, to encourage the employees to read it as well as to diversify the library, local social leaders can be contacted. Decentralize the powers: It has been concluded on the basis of the reports received from various international meetings and submits on diversity training for managers that the decentralization of powers in an organization can help in improving diversity in the workplace. The powers should not be centralized to a group of people or only one person in the organization. The managers of different department should encouraged by giving them power and responsibility of the work done in their respective departments. They should be made accountable for the positive and negative output of their departments. In this way all the manager and employees of the organization will take active part in diversifying the workplace for its benefit as well as for the benefit of their career. Develop a Specific Business Case During diversity training program for managers a business case should be developed to explain the diversity in the organization. According to various experts in this field the managers attending this type of training program should make people know about their business in a strategic manner. This type of training program can enhance the potentials of the managers and future leaders of an organization by improving their skills. Such training program for managers should provide them some motivational lesson to keep them engaged effectively. Goal Determination Through Clear Means According to various experts in diversity training the goals of this training should be determined and evaluated on the basis of clear facts. In order to track the effectiveness of the program some action plans should be created for the participants to try their competency for the diversity of the workplace and the benefit of the organization. It can be done by giving opportunities to less recognized members of the organization as well as by hiring or recruiting new workforce for specific goals. Use the Lessons Learned During Training Managers participating in diversity training should be allowed to practically use the information got during this training program. By encouraging the freshly trained managers to use their training skills a diversity environment in the workplace can be achieved easily and successfully for the benefit of the organization. This practice delivers the message to the employees of the organization that the management values the diversity programs and their improved skills. Not using their freshly attained skills can demoralize them and they may not work effectively for the betterment of the organization in future. Treat Training Normally The diversity training program is not going to solve all of the problems of the managers and employees of an organization as it is not going to change the culture of the organization. It should be taken as a strategic measure that can help in recruiting, developing and managing the talent for the benefit of the organization. It can help in explaining the underlying principles of the business as well as improving the skills of the workforce of the organization to handle the diverse situations effectively. A road for the success of an organization can be paved by combining systematic approach with this type of training program. Managers and other responsible staff of the organization can achieve the outcome of the diversity training program enabling them to process and control the emotions of the program to facilitate their issues regarding the changing conditions in the organization. This training program can help in changing their attitude by providing them a diversified mind set regarding the changing situations. It also helps them in organizing the work within its time as well as other limitations by managing the communication process even in the diverse conditions by improving their skills.
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