Effective Employee Performance Improvement Plan

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In the absence of a employee performance improvement plan, retaining the employees can become the biggest problem for your organization. It won’t be wrong to say that most employees perceive job satisfaction as one of the rarest things found on earth. Your organization can become one of those remarkable places provided you develop a proper performance improvement plan. We’ve brought you a few tips, or you can say some very effective course of action that can be implemented for maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity. 1. Defining Final Outcome You must set the desired output in advance. For example, in the current financial year, if you want your salesmen to attain double of the revenue achieved last year, the goal should be defined to the personnel well in advance so that no question regarding the set target can arise later. 2. Design Employee Growth Program and Encourage Greater Productivity  Once you set the desired goal, the next plan is to encourage employees and increase their work output. And that can’t be achieved if you can’t monitor and control their performance, give them job security or offer scope for growth. If you want your employees to align their thoughts with yours, you’ve to design an attractive employee growth program. a) Job security An employee can never perform under job security uncertainty. To ensure job security, help employees know how your organization is doing. Plus, the employees should not receive repeated job threat as it can pull down their self esteem, confidence and so the productivity. b) Appraisals To help employees do an outstanding job, you also have to design a fair appraisal program. Employees should be rewarded with increment, parks and yearly bonus based on their performance. c) Insurance and Retirement Plans By ensuring their life after retirement, you can also offer great moral support to your employees. 3. Monitoring and Controlling Employee Performance You need to have a proper performance supervision process in place to identify the employees struggling with their work. For example, if one employee is not able to manage workload, you need to arrange a meeting with him/her to understand the complications, suggest methods and ways to manage pressure and handle work, set a mutually agreed deadline and provide additional support like appointing one assisting staff. Lastly, review the outcome. Related material can be found on improve employee performance page. 4. Arrange Training and Development  It’s no surprise that employees need to update their skills or areas of expertise to be able to improve their performance. People serving technology industry need training programs to update their skills and match the fast changing trends. By helping the employees improve their skill, you actually help them perform better. 5. Employee Retrenchment or Suspension Policies You’ve to rule out the harsh employee retrenchment or suspension policies. No employee can perform better under an excessively strict performance or suspension policy. You need to be a bit liberal. However, you have to be smart enough to monitor and evaluate the performance of the employees at the same time. So these were basically the most essential aspects of an employee performance improvement plan. You need to set your target goal, set rules for the working processes and design a performance evaluation process. After you execute this plan, evaluate it to determine the final outcome. You might have to edit the plan if the previous one doesn’t produce a satisfactory result.

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