Why Employee Engagement is Always Important [Infographic]

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By now we all know and understand how vital employee engagement is to the efficiency and productivity levels of any company. This infographic by Dale Carnegie Training, reiterates its importance while providing helpful tips on how to increase your employee training. We start off with what I believe to be a great definition for what employee engagement embodies: “The emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her company.” This definition emphasizes the fact that in order to be engaged the employee must give their all to the company and not just stumble through the work process.
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We move on to fascinating statistics on how the lack of engagement can lead to millions of dollars lost and decreases in performance. In order to prohibit this from happening we need to make sure employees stay inspired, enthusiastic, confident, and empowered so they remain fully involved in your company. Finishing off with tips on how to keep employees engaged, this infographic is an all-around useful guide on the importance of engagement.
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