The Value Behind Employee Training Videos

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If your organization is planning to include employee training videos in its training program then it will first have to know how to create them. Although employee training videos can offer many benefits to your company’s employee training plan template, you should also know that they are not easy to develop. Most training videos require a lot of time and resources to create, particularly if they are meant to demonstrate a particular task or operation. This is why it’s important for companies to first understand the challenges of video development before attempting to create these items for their training programs. So if your company needs to develop a few training videos for its own trainees and personnel then here’s what you should know about the process.

How to Create Employee Training Videos

Creating a training video can be summed up in the following steps: 1. Define the Goals of Your Videos – At this stage, you will need to consider what role you want your videos to have in your training program. For example, some of your videos can offer instructional materials to supplement the lessons offered by trainers and instructors. 2. Determine the Subject Matter of Each Video – The subject matter of a video refers to its content. For example, if your training program is designed to teach managerial trainees then one of your videos can cover the topic of operations management, while other videos can cover asset or cash flow management. 3. Choose An Expert to Host or Appear On the Videos – For this stage, you will need to find a qualified instructor to host the employee training videos. It can be one of the experts in your company or it can be a professional hired from another organization or educational institution. Either way, you will need someone personable to appear on your training videos. 4. Select the Information that You’d Like to Include On Your Videos – In this particular case, “Information” refers to graphs, charts, statistics and images that you would like to include in the videos. 5. Choose a Shoot Date and Location – Choose a location or studio to shoot your training videos. If you have several training videos to shoot then it’s best to choose a specific date to make everything easier. 6. Edit Your Video – After everything is finished, it’s time for your company’s video editors to start working on your video. If there are complications then you may want to visit sites, like YouTube, and look for a few tips on video editing.


Now that we’ve discussed what it takes to create employee training videos, it’s now time to put everything into perspective. Although training videos do certainly offer a lot of benefits, you should remember that they are still only tools of your employee training programs, and should be treated as such. Training videos are similar to employee training articles and manuals in terms of functionality. Furthermore, they have different roles in different types of employee training. So before you distribute these videos to your trainers, be sure to emphasize their role in the entire training structure.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog