Empowering your Employees through Performance Support Technology

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Gone are the days when the only job of the boss was to delegate the task to the employee. These days a senior has to perform a large number of duties himself. Taking care of his employees and providing them with necessary assistance from time to time is now one of the chief tasks of a manager. This is where the performance support technology comes into play. Performance support technology helps to put forward the accurate information and admittance to that information into the hands of your personnel, at the most appropriate time as and when it is required by them. Performance support technology is basically aimed at arming your workforce with some tools so as to increase their output on the whole and help them to successfully perform the job assigned to them. It is objected to provide the most suitable quantity of task leadership, help and efficiency benefits to the employee exactly at the time of need.

Types of Performance Support Technology

Performance support technology varies from employee to employee. Technology best suited for one employee may not be so suitable for the other. It ranges from being as easy as a job aid that maintains our to do’ list in the array that we have to do them. Performance support technology can also be in the form of online information resource that assists the employees to find perfect solutions to their questions or take complicated decisions.

Benefits of Performance Support Technology

· Performance support saves you some money Training is a pricey affair. The expense is only justified depending on the time devoted by the employees and the organization for their training. Mostly the efficiency and output of employees in training is nil. Instead of attending boring classroom lectures and eLearning, employees would prefer consulting an online knowledgebase much more. Employees are often motivated more when the task is taught by the system than a so called expert. Moreover, it much cheaper and we get specifically what we need and get done with the task much sooner. The saving part becomes even more effective when you take the advantage of economies of scale. Managers can scale performance support operated by undersized groups to serve the total organization very rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. There are no added trainers to employ, no extra seminar and lecture rooms to build, no journeys to pay for, and, most significant of all, no extensive downtime from the work. Moreover, if used effectively performance support technology can even diminish customer service costs and help in better satisfaction of the consumers. · Performance support perks up the training process Performance support is a vital part of the new training and learning model that focuses on teamwork, problem solving, experimentation, innovation, ideation, and providing inventive solutions to business challenges, all directed by a mentor who is more coach than a professor. In-class performing with performance support technology can be very advantageous when employees return to the place of work as they have gained enough experience on real-time tools that can help them perform well.

The era of performance support technology

With the coming times, all companies seem to be following some form of this technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce. The reason this technology is preferred so much is because it is an in-house and timeless mode of training the employees. They learn without being taken away from the real work situation as such. WalkMe is a form of performance support technology that provides a cloud-based service created to help professionals like user training professionals, customer support managers, experience managers, SaaS providers and sales managers to lead and appoint prospects, employees, customers and partners by means of any online experience. WalkMe has crafted a podium that assists businesses in getting rid of any form of online confusion, while at the same time lift up competence and reduce costs for the organization. It is mostly used by managers to augment conversion rates, decrease support costs, boost self-service implementation, speed up training and develop customer experience. WalkMe also empowers the employees to collect helpful analytics that helps UX managers, support managers, mentors and sales managers to enhance and fine-tune their online directed instructions to go with their customer’s needs. Performance support technology is like any other form of technology; the sooner you get a hang of it the better it is for you! If you wish to achieve an entirely new level of productivity then it is probably time for you to learn and implement it in your place of work.
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