My Favorite Articles in This Week

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This week I encountered some very helpful and intriguing articles. Find out how training affects the bottom line, how gamification can sway morally gray employees and more.

1. How Your Training Process is Affecting Your Bottom Line

Robert Cordray rightly says that training should be viewed as an investment rather than just an expense. The new technology enables us to make training more effective. Cordray claim that investing in in employees is a clever move that eventually will increase the company’s bottom line. He gives us some really good tip to make the best out of our training. I, personally, really appreciate making training a team activity. Getting your employees work together will probably pay off in the future.

2. This Training is a Waste of Time!

No doubt how important training is, and how much it can contribute to the organization. But if the training is not planned properly, it might be a waste of time and money. In this short four-step guide you will find some relevant tips that can help you to conduct a beneficial training. Step number 3, which encourages us to involve our employees’ feedback during our training planning, Is very important.

3. Gamification: Sway the Morally Gray Employee

Employee ethics training is a really good way to practice and reinforce this important issue. One popular method for bringing this topic to the employees is by role-play. As it may be a suitable solution, it has some drawbacks such as short period of affectivity, high costs and the lack of appropriate training for new employees. Hence, gamification may be a better solution. It answers all the aforementioned drawbacks; it costs less, attracts the employees and helps to create a lasting moral behavior change. A very good example for implementation of this method can be found in this article.

4. Management Training Can Help with Intergenerational Problems

Katie Jacobs discusses a very common obstacle in organizations – intergenerational problems. Not once we encounter situations where the younger employees supervise the older ones, these situations may cause conflicts. Comprehensive management training can help people learning how to receive credibility from their colleagues. A good training will bestow the proper tools to overcome this issue.

5. How to Keep Training Short and Still Prevent New Employees from Crashing

As opposed to what most of the managers wish, only very few new employees can master their new job shortly after they began it. Learning a new role takes time, but as we all know, time is money. So in order to reduce the employee training costs and maximize the productivity, a short period of training is necessary. In this article you can find some good advices to implement it. The one I find most important is to identify and prepare updated and relevant training resources and support tools, it will make the entrance of the new employee much smoother for sure.

6. The Complete Discovery Based Learning Process

Another interesting training method is discovery based learning. In contrast to traditional learning, it promotes flexibility and individual initiative at the trainees, via observation and experimentation. Truth is, that this method is not suitable for all the organizations, but if you think this is the right method for your company, you may find this five-step guide very helpful.
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