Find the Training That Works for You – 9 Monthly Must-Reads

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It’s time for another article roundup for the month of August! This month brought tons of interesting articles for hours of leisurely reading. But sadly, we don’t have time to read ’em all, so I rounded up the best ones out there. Hopefully, you’ll find within these tips, stories, tools and case studies what you need in order to take your training management skills ones step forward. Enjoy the read everyone!

Employee Training: The Best Investment Your Company Can Make

This article starts off with an extremely true statement, that engaged employees lead to more success! So why don’t more companies invest in their employees? This should be of the utmost importance and a top priority for your company. This great article provides you with tons of information regarding training, and the importance of investing in employee training to your long-term revenue. Read more about it in detail throughout the article.

4 Ways To Make Your Employees Love Training

Even though everyone, including the employees, understand the necessities of training it may not always bite the most enjoyable thing to partake in. So how can you assure that your employees remain engaged in the training process? These four techniques can make sure that employees end up loving training. That be more interactive, respecting time, choosing the right format and ensuring managerial support your employees will be begging for more training.

Workers want training to do their jobs better

Even though the industry mentioned in this article is a little out of my league, the message behind what they did was right up my alley. They realize that since the company went in a new direction, new and improved training was needed and employees completely agreed. They all understood the benefits it could bring, which are briefly outlined in the article.

Puzzling Over Employee Engagement? It’s Not Rocket Science

Lack of employee engagement seems to be a big issue for most companies as they are not entirely sure how to increase productivity levels and receive the results they need. This great article explains how even though companies want the benefits of highly engaged employees, they are unsure how to get there. Luckily, there are three important keys to building and engaging work environment for your employees: appreciation, purpose and feedback. Make sure to read all about it! photo-1431540015161-0bf868a2d407 (1)

How to Make Training Videos That Employees Want to Watch

Those training videos can be very mundane and feel almost like a chore. You need to make sure the videos are interesting for the viewer to watch so that they will be able to learn from it. This article provides tips on how to make these videos something employees want to watch! Like making it illustrative and having a relatable spokesperson. This article also has some great video examples!

Great Business Apps to Improve Employee Productivity

Business apps can be a great way to increase productivity in your company. This article presents five applications, under respective categories on what they can provide for your company. A few of these apps include Wisp and Staffconnect. Read on for other applications that can aid in increasing productivity. [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”350px” id=”861″ title=”TrainingStation Middle Form”]

12 Elements of a Winning Employee Training Manual Template

As this article begins by stating, a good employee training manual template is a great resource for your company. So how do you assure you create a top notch manual? Well, following these 12 elements is a great start. I find this article provides an outline that is easy to follow and has detailed explanations for each element!

‘Your Company is Only as Good as your Employees’

Do you have course want your company to be the best as it can be and this begins with your employees. This article showcases the company of LeVan Machines and how they make sure to focus on the employee’s needs and have them feel part of the family. We go through an interview like process with two presidents of the company regarding the employees and training.

Training Methods That Perhaps Never Crossed Your Mind

After asking around for interesting training method ideas, this article is great examples a gamification, presentations, and debates. Even though these methods were not expected, as they did not represent the digital age we are in, they are great ideas that can really get employees more interested in training. Read about what these experts had to say!
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