The Importance of Scenario Based Learning to Employee Training

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Scenario based learning (SBL) is a great method used by trainers or organizations to present a more compelling and interactive skill-based training to their listeners. Some of the learning methods used in this theory include video and attractive storylines. Reason being, they want learners to obtain information and create solutions founded on their knowledge, to improve on the company’s productivity. You may have noticed that there are companies, which improve their output on a daily basis and you wonder what drives them. The answer is SBL. This article nevertheless, shows you the importance of SBL to employee training. Learning Starts with Motivation Before anything else, what is really required in a training program is motivation. You will also agree with me that motivation is what makes you act to achieve a certain goal. There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. In most cases, learners only achieve extrinsic motivation, which emerges from rewards gained during the completion of a course. This is because they take the training just because it is mandatory, a factor that brings down their productivity levels. SBL avoids all this by bringing in intrinsic motivation. Reality is Brought Out Through Emotion It is very important for an employee to be able to categorize the situation and challenges as soon as possible. For this to happen, scenario based learning makes the circumstances real through short videos used during the training. These videos present actors who perform real life scenarios, which make it possible for specific emotions to act as replies to a learner’s decision. According to brain researchers, it is much easier for you to remember things when sturdy emotions accompany you. Applying What You Have Learnt Another step to a course is applying what you have learnt to situations.  Scenario Based Learning uses facilitation, which enables an employee to use pre existing facts, apply them and understand how they work during training. Learners listen to a storyline supported from videos and get an opportunity to evaluate and analyze the circumstances leading to solutions. All the above ways not only educate an employee, but also helps them remember the entire content and how to use it in real life situations. As wise people say, the proof of pudding is in eating, so is the case in actions showed by learners after the course. It is also referred to as learning by doing. However, before you enter a scenario based learning event, you need to have the basic knowledge of topics presented in the course. Companies may use preferred authoring equipment that can create adaptive courses where pre-test learners can discover how much they know already. This is especially so, considering how important SBL is to employees. A company may also design its own SBL for its employees. However, there are vital variables a company should consider when designing an SBL including the educational level, available budget and the learning topic. You, as the employer or a CEO of a company should also know that no matter how you create SBL, ensure that you use it for circumstances, which include sales training, medical training and compliance training.

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