Improve Training with These Must Read Articles

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This month I have compiled a fantastic collection of the most interesting employee training articles! There are tons of new training methods and techniques that are being developed and upgraded that are sure to aid you in making your company’s training more efficient. These articles provide you with tips on engaging, retaining and much more!

6 Ways to Expedite Employee Training

This interesting article from Quick Books has 6 ways to improve efficiency, morale, productivity and onboarding. These tips range from assessing training needs to considering online courses. Using one or all of these tips can ensure an improvement in your employee training in no time!

Put an End to Confusing Documentation and Long Video Tutorials

Employees Dread Training? Making Employee Training And Development Engaging

This first article from eLearning Industry wants to aid you in making training workshops more engaging for your employees. Breaking down a basic scenario that occurs in many companies, this article focuses on straying away from generic PowerPoint presentations, making the training time shorter, and letting employees immediately apply the new approaches and techniques. This tips could ultimately increase the efficiency of any training session.

Online Training For Employees Is Consistent and Will Save You Cash

This article from Entrepreneur believes that online training for employees is truly the smartest route to take. Online training could solve problems for future candidates, as millennial works are already adjusted to this way of learning. In the end, this training could be the best method for your business, assuring that your employees are satisfied while saving your company some money at the same time!

Employee Training: 3 Tips To Maximize Knowledge Retention

Based on this article from eLearning Industry, it is believed that the lack of emphasis on retaining memory from a training session is a major downfall. Since there has been little to no attempt at practicing or retaining memories and skills from training, there has been a significant decrease that could be fixed with these 3 tips.

The Latest Approach to Employee Training

With a generation that seems to be distracted by the slightest thing, this article from the Wall Street Journal presents a solution. They suggest that short digital learning sessions may solve the problem. While discussing different types of approaches, this article provides you with the possible skills your employees can learn and benefit from.

Why Employee Training is Important (5 Reasons)

This informative article from Elucidat talks about why employee training is always a smart investment. From costs benefits to witnessing a great improvement in efficiency, podcasts could be your company’s way to a better-trained workforce.

A Guide to Using Podcasts for Employee Training

According to this article from eLeap, the next step in employee training are podcasts. AS they are becoming the most popular form of media, or course they would find a way to become the new form of training. This article is the ultimate guide of how to effectively use podcasts for training along with the benefits it can provide. Whether you choose to use podcasts as a supplement tool or as main efforts, it’s sure to assist in only the best way possible.

4 Reasons Why Regular Employee Training Is Critically Important

Then there are some people who think traditional employee training is still the way to go. In this article by Laura Stack, she presents various reasons as to why we should be sticking to the regular method of training, citing the possible benefits that it can provide for any business.

Great Video – How to Train Adults

The video presented in this article takes a look in this new training technique, called the Performance-Driven Instruction method. This method discusses the best way to effectively train adults in your company. According to the video, this method, if implemented and gone about correctly, can aid in your struggle of training adults.

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