Improving Training Performance

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Today, many organizations are focusing beyond the traditional competence development and are adopting to more commercially focused performance fundamental values that are known to improving training performance. This shift in focus has linked business investment development to a much improved performance and higher returns to initial investment. In order to achieve the best training performance, a unique combination of industrial research platform and functional expertise have to come up with the best level of performance using the performance improvement process. This process has to be developed from the following core training performance tips so as to create a full integrated comprehensive service which will register significant improvement in all business critical KPI’s.

Improving Training Performance Tips

1. Every member of your organization has to be involved; total involvement This often referred to as Total Quality Management- TQM, which requires all persons who are working within the organization to be actively involved in improving training performance of the organization; no individual should be excluded from this activity. Managers in different field of the company must all come together and demonstrate complete commitment towards achieving a common goal because if there is a slight skepticism observed by the rest of the workforce, total commitment towards improved performance will not be attained. If this culture fails, it will be very difficult to raise the issue of coming together to achieve common goal in future. Remember, it is very important that you identify driving and retraining forces to the organization bond before implementing this method, so as to have clear picture of what to expect. 2. Good communication within the organization In one way or another, all employees in any organization want to be part of the future of the organization. Most of them will be interested in discovering how things work within the organization and how excellence feels like. However, if you want to achieve a result driven and motivated workforce which is very effective all your efforts must be tied to the overall organization objective through an excellent communication network. You have to first encourage good communication not only among your employees but also with their managers. Collect different insights from your employees’ point of view through suggestion boxes, meetings, surveys etc. and act on them. You have to be open-minded and encourage free expression of constructive ideas without criticizing anyone of them. In addition, you have to ensure that all employees are well informed with the company’s culture and any changes that may take place in the organization. Let them know what they should expect and how they will overcome any future challenges that might come their way. 3. Everyone in the organization should be motivated to improve Every small change directed towards better performance of the organization counts. Each member of the organization has to accept that they have role to play towards ensuring the quality of the product and services supplied is top notch. They should therefore continuously improve in their respective areas of work and become experts in what they do for the company to increase its performance. There two methods that you can employ to help you identify the problems and solutions that affect your organization, these include introduction of quality circles and employing continuous improvement teams to ensure that improving is always part of the company’s daily objectives. Through making these small improvements, the organization can greatly benefits from its increased performance thus compete favorable in the market. Also, it makes it easier to manage the whole improvement process. Rewards have to be given for any improvement made so as to motivate employees to keep on improving in their areas. 4. Interact with your workforce to find out why they are under performing Employees are the backbone of the organization, if they are under performing similar results will be registered by the overall organization and also the reverse is also true when they are working at their level best. Therefore, they have to be treated with utmost caution and avoid jumping into conclusion when they are not performing to their best. If you want to realize an improved performance, interact with the employee by asking open-minded questions; those that need to answer by yes or no. Listen to him or her and discuss the way forward for better performance of the organization. Another alternative could be asking the employee questions that will help you get the real cause of the problem. For example, what are the reasons that made you did not finish the work? This will help you root out the main cause of under performance. Once it’s done, don’t stop at this point but make necessary adjustments to help the employee fit right in for better future performance. 5. Encourage continuous learning  Learning is a continuous process that each one of use has to embrace. We are always learning through picking up new kind of information from experiences that we go through. In our various workstations, we should be multi-skilled and be able to multi-task in order to undertake several activities at once, therefore, we need to keep on learning to improve our overall performance. Managers have to encourage employees to learn new and better ways to perform their task rather than sticking to an old routine which may be costly and time consuming because of the constant change in technological advancement. Employees have to be made aware of both internal and external factors that affect their performance and well be able chose their preferred method to complete tasks. This will effectively maximize every opportunity that is presented to the organization because employees will be comfortable to deal with it cause of their vast knowledge they have. Apart from the above methods, there are several other ways in which you can develop your staff which will improve your staff expertise thus contributing to overall improvement in the organization. Every organization has to find one that suit its structure and incorporate into its organization because the benefits are very many, which include employees become more loyal, are more motivated and the organization will definitely experience a higher job satisfaction if employees are taken through an improved training performance.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog