Infographic: The Future of Learning is About Personalization

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Ever wonder about what the future holds? No, I’m not talking about science fiction or some sort of religious prophecy. KnowledgeWorks,  a foundation that provides innovative tools, training and assistance to school leaders, teachers and community stakeholders, recently released the following infographic on the future of learning. future-of-learning-infographic-knowledgeworks       The inforgraphic, which can be seen in more detail by visiting the Glimpse Into the Future of Learning, is based on insights delivered through Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem, According to KnowledgeWorks, the infographic tells the big story of changes they believe point the way toward a diverse learning ecosystem in which learning adapts to each child instead of each child trying to adapt to school. What the main theme from my eyes seems to be is about the extreme personalization of learning.  In the future, learners will be able to choose what, where, when and how they learn.  While the infographic seems to be coming from the angle of school education, it’s easily transferable to learning in the workplace as well.  We already have seen in recent years the diversification of employee learning. We’ve seen a shift away traditional classroom training, to a more blended learning strategy which combines a limited dose of traditional training with a wide array of post-training options, including webinars, social learning, performance support tools, and more. My question – if the personalization of the infographic becomes reality, more or less, what is the balance between structured – or at least guided – learning, and learning that gives all the power to the learner, one which empowers he/she to learn at their own pace, and simply provides access to a wide variety of knowledge sources?  What about those learners who aren’t as self-motivated and disciplined – would they simply fall behind?  What will the role of the educator – or L&D professional – be down the road?
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog