Keynotes I’m Most Looking Forward to in the HR Tech Conference

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HR Tech is coming up! Are you ready for the biggest conference in the industry? It took one look at the agenda and the impressive list of exhibitors to understand just how busy this mega-event is going to be. And with so much to do, it’s important to keep things in order, and make an organized list of the keynotes and speeches you want to attend. I’ve been keeping tabs on who’s presenting, the exhibitors and the interesting keynotes that are coming up, and I’m happy to share with you my picks for the 5 keynotes I’m most excited for. These 5 speeches focus on 5 topics I’m personally fascinated by, and really excited to hear the experts take on. I have added the time and location of each keynote, together with the summary taken from the conference’s website. Which ones are you planning to attend?

1. Leveraging Consumer-Marketing Trends to Build a World-Class Candidate & Employee Experience at Marriott International

Presenters: Jessica Lee and Michaela Morris Wednesday, October 5th 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM The job seeker and employee pool isn’t one-dimensional — it’s a diverse hodgepodge of people with different career goals, personalities and values. Hear how Marriott International leverages candidate and associate personas to segment their audience into distinct talent markets, rather than approach them as a singular entity. Consumer-focused marketing teams may have cracked the code with their vast, diverse audiences decades ago when solving for variation in their many markets, but savvy HR departments have begun taking a page out of their book — don’t get left behind!  

2. How Armacell Inspires Engagement in a Global Workforce

Presenters: Keith Norwood and Cecile Alper-Leroux Wednesday, October 5th 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM European-based Armacell, a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment-insulation market, has 22 plants on 4 continents. Faced with the challenge of these locations manually collecting HR data with no central collection point, leadership realized a change was needed and extended the use of their HCM solution to include their multinational workforce. Within 16 weeks of making that decision, Armacell replaced numerous in-country systems, driving efficiencies and providing insight into the growing, geographically dispersed workforce. You’ll learn how to: improve employee engagement worldwide using HCM technology and inspire your managers to become better people leaders. A photo by Charlie Foster.

3. A Dash Will Do It: How Morton Salt Is Using Well-Being to Reinvent Its Culture

Presenters: Matt Beliveau and Chris Boyce Wednesday, October 5th 3:30PM – 4:30PM After 160+ years, Morton Salt is shaking up its culture and approach to attracting talent as it evolves and grows its workforce — from the mines to the main office. Over the next five to ten years, more than 30% of Morton’s workforce will retire, and cultivating its next generation of employees in today’s competitive talent market is no small task. Salary and perks are important, but Morton Salt is betting on a culture focused on well-being to attract and inspire top talent, plus drive business performance. So, it made a huge investment in its employees with the launch of Dash — an all-encompassing well-being initiative. Hear about Dash, the importance of culture and the results Morton is seeing. You’ll learn the role of well-being in the overall employee experience and what it means for your business, plus get actionable ways you can create a thriving business grounded in your team’s well-being.  

4. Delivering Great Employee Experience With Cutting-Edge Communications

Presenters: Rosemary Arriada-Keiper and Keith Kitani Thursday, October 6th 11:00AM – 12:00PM Today’s global economy, employee communication is quickly becoming an important asset and business driver for companies. Keith Kitani will share how employee demands and employer expectations are requiring organizations to take an innovative and strategic approach to communicating with their workforces. Then, Rosemary Arriada-Keiper will share how Adobe puts innovative communication approaches and technologies into practice with its own people, to create a connection with employees across the world. You’ll learn how you can reimagine your workforce communication strategy and implement engaging techniques to drive business results.

5. Reinventing HR: A Radical New Approach to HR Technology and Solutions

Presenter: Josh Bersin Tuesday, October 4th 3:45PM – 4:45PM The digital world is upon us: It has changed the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we lead our lives. But are we ready for the changes it has unleashed on HR? Digital technologies such as sensors, mobile connectivity and analytics are requiring employers and HRIT leaders to reshape their HR strategies, reconsider their HR technologies and redesign how they deliver solutions to their employees. Based on research, industry analyst Josh Bersin will discuss how digital HR is disrupting organizations in an unprecedented way and forcing HR leaders to re-evaluate their current practices and approaches. Come learn how forward-thinking organizations are embracing concepts such as analytics, design thinking and behavioral economics to transform their HR solutions and programs in order to deliver greater value to the business.   Don’t forget to take a look at the HR Tech Conference website as well to read about the other upcoming keynotes, and make sure you stop by booth 448 to meet our team!
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