Learning Management System Software – How it Changes Training

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man at computerTraining has changed in many significant ways in recent years. Learning management systems, a reflection of the cloud’s impact on company learning, have been one of the key drivers of change.  While training has had growing pains since the 1990s with the advent of organizational learning and other new training dynamics, it’s never embarked on a paradigm shift quite as sizeable as the one that learning management system software brings to the table. Computers are becoming increasingly integral into our lives, both in business and in personal life alike. With people becoming more accustomed to the continuous interaction with computers via mobile, gaming and multimedia, there’s a big shift now in how to establish engagement with people. Lectures and classrooms have only a partial role in a media saturated environment. Only something with a digital engagement is really going to speak their language now. This isn’t just with kids, either. A whole generation of adults are now products of the computer age as well. So, what’s different about the use of learning management system software? Well, for starters, there’s the level of flexibility and automation that’s possible with this software, and on multiple levels. With the ability to be the work environment for training, software like this can track each unit in an organization, entire organizations, and work out time flows and track progress. This makes the leadership’s role in managing the training so much easier. Metrics are solid and it’s all push-button.   No stacks of charts and reports. Free at last, we are, from the paper jungle. Another big advantage is, as said, engagement. employee training tracking Software like this can be set up to engage trainees in a myriad of ways from basic tutorials and test forms, cooperative project environments and much more. This also allows for easy application of your training flow of choice – organizational learning, knowledge management tools … and it’s an easy platform for gamification. It’s already a computer, gamifiying it is a video game. Finally, software like this is good for tracking errors, slippage and evidence of team or individual learning problems Many such software environments will even assist you in your needs assessments before engaging training. That function’s a mite fidgety in most cases, but it works well enough with a tiny bit of patience. This removes a big and aggravating step from the process of training. Computers are making life easier for businesses thanks to innovative learning management system software. What wonders might the future hold? Could we have smart teaching software one day that acts as an intelligent tutor program? Might we crowdsource training in some as yet unknown way? That’d be something to see. In the meantime, only time will tell, but for certain, company learning just became a whole different industry. Yesterday, we went to sleep in the training industry. Today, we awaken in this brave new world we know not how. Learning management system software has changed the game, and we had all best adapt, and appreciate the bounty it will ultimately bring us. We can’t allow fear of change and paranoia over new ideas stop us from harnessing the most powerful innovation in the industry since the invention of the book. The future is bright, with training easier, then perhaps people will get better training as a causal next step.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog