The Link Between Employee Training and Retention

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Employee training sets up an atmosphere that is both positive and productive to the company and the employees. Each employee is able to learn all the necessary tasks for their current position, which helps keep the company afloat and on top of everything. Furthermore, it was shown that when employee training is conducted correctly, employees will have better morale and will feel more positive about their job. Gartner analyst, Jonanna Galimi, writes:
“Low staff morale and high turnover not only impede successful system implementations but could cause delays and raise costs as a result.”
However, one positive effect that comes from employee training is the least known. Employee Retention Rate Increased As you begin training for one of the many employees you will have in your business, you will notice that certain training strategies work, while others do not always work. However, once an established employee training has been setup, it will give the company a stronger foundation to not only hire and train employees, but to keep their employees for years at a time – minimizing the need for new employee training. Employee Engagement Part of the employee training session should incorporate employee engagement and allow each employee to have an answer or response. Leaving a training session to mentor-only talking can lead to low morale and can complicate the process. Testing your employees and allowing them to answer certain questions throughout the training open-endedly, you will promote employee engagement with customers and with one another. Although an unlikely culprit, it seems as though employee engagement promoted during employee training has the highest rate of success for employee retention. Employee Empowerment Employee training should include employee empowerment. Give your employees a reason to commit to your company without having to rely solely on pay. While giving moderate to great pay is expected and can determine the final position on where an employee lands, it is not the sole reason people leave their jobs or stay at their current jobs. Including deals and incentives to your employees will motivate them and make them feel in control. Although working for you, most people will not enjoy the idea of having to listen to you and all your needs constantly. Employees who are trained to have a longevity within the company and strive for promotions (which are achievable and not a false claim to keep employees) have better chances of staying with their company than straying off – even if better pay is being offered. Related information can be found on employee development plan examples page. Fighting Lowering Employee Retention Rates When it comes to being a business manager or owner, you are expected to keep a consistent staff that can remember the customers. Past generations succeeded with higher employee retention rates due to their “expected” lifestyle of keeping a lifetime employment. This generation does not have the same expectation as previous expectations and employees can no longer expect their employers to take care of them. Offer incentives and keep an adequate training that will allow your employees to understand their job duties and how to achieve for greater milestones in the company. Distribute more job titles with increased pay as people begin advancing through your company. Although expectations on employees should be kept at a maximum, give your employees the tools to succeed, thrive and flourish in their career field within your company. For further information on employee training check out employee training plan template page.
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