Lowering Employee Training Costs Using WalkMe

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Employee training costs are the biggest source of companies balking at the idea of training in general. There are a ton of these costs, from hiring training experts, buying curriculum, and taking the time out of busy schedules to handle the training. Everyone has to stop what they’re doing to attend these training sessions, because if changes have been instilled, then no work can be done until the staff knows how to handle the new processes properly. There have been a number of solutions attempted for reducing employees training costs over the years, such as power seminars, which don’t save time but do save money on materials. Others have tried having guidance trainers to walk employees through processes and learning by doing, which eliminates much of the spent time, but skyrockets monetary costs for training professionals, and the logistics there have never really leveled out that well. So, it’s been a bit of a quixotic mission to reduce these training costs, even in modern times. But, we can rejoice, because there does exist a great technology that was literally designed to address just this problem. This software has proven so convenient that it’s also been widely adopted for such solutions as guidance systems for store fronts, and has literally led the way into making self service customer support possible on a large scale. If it can do that, then you know it can do wonders for training. This software is called WalkMe, and it is a whole other ballgame for training. How it works is pretty simple yet ingenious. It integrates into web interfaces natively, because it’s made out of the same stuff. Once integrated, it follows a scripting system which allows it to monitor the state of web elements, and through this, it can determine what the user is doing. When it spots the need to illustrate a next step, it can lock the form, and pop up notices telling users precisely what to do next. This system can guide users through the most complex processes imaginable. What’s more, setting up the script requires absolutely no programming skill, as it’s a point and click setup. Anyone with a sense of logic can pick this right up and create very sophisticated training scripts. Heck, it could even be made to teach someone how to land a space shuttle if NASA knew good training software when they saw it. So, how does this reduce these costs? Well, for starters, WalkMe is a very affordable solution designed with all business scales in mind. Along with this, it implements the learning by doing methodology, without the expensive need for people to stand over shoulders to guide them. By accomplishing this, it eliminates the costs of time wasted as real work is being done during training, and it eliminates a lot of materials and personnel costs at the same time. WalkMe is the key to reducing employee training costs, no matter what your technical training needs may be. And, with its proven power to help in self service, you can also improve your customer service and support while you’re at it, and kill multiple birds with one stone. Gotta love that.

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