How Microsoft’s Skype Meetings Can Improve Employee Training

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Microsoft has recently announced it’s new meeting solution for small businesses in the U.S., Skype Meetings. The service gives users tools such as real time audio and HD video conferencing, along with collaboration tools, such as screen sharing, and collaboration on Power Point presentations. Users can create a meeting and then share the link with the participants. Under the free service, users can have meetings with up to 10 participants during the first 60 days. After which they will only be able to include 3 members. Microsoft hopes that users will sign up for Office 365 for business which includes Skype For Business which allows for 250 participants to meet at a time.

How Skype Meetings Will Improve Employee Training

1. Time efficient: Employee training can often be a long and drawn out process, ranging anywhere from days to months. Skype Meetings will allow employees and managers to meet at their convenience.   2. Interactive: With laser pointer and whiteboard capabilities, managers will be able to train their employees with tools that will keep the employees interested and engaged. 3. Improved learning strategy: Business can take advantage of video conferencing to record sessions, so employees can rewatch lessons and better understand what the manager is intending. Microsoft is currently attempting to fight off rivals offering similar services, including Google Hangouts and Slack. I wonder if this will persuade businesses to use Skype for meetings instead of a competing video conferencing company.
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