Most Important Employee Training Goals

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One of the things people seem to get a little confused about in training are what sorts of employee training goals you should set your sites on when going in. The obvious ultimate goal is to have the employees trained and competent in whatever subject is at hand, of course. The problem is that a lot of trainers (at least ones who don’t do it for a living) tend to think that’s the ultimate and only major goal to actually work around. That’s not the case, but it’s understandable that people would make this critical mistake pretty easily, truth be told. But the truth is, there are a number of smaller employee training goals to focus on. Professional training people know these, but for those who have been saddled with training when it’s not their forte or their normal responsibility, well, let us give you some insider tips about this to make your life easier. #1 – Assessment The first goal you should set it so have solid assessment of training needs, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the people being trained. You need to know who needs how much training on what, and you need to know the most common way they can all learn effectively. If you don’t do this assessment, and have it solid ahead of time, you’re not going to find a strategy that works. #2 – Skill Development This is the one that people think is the only goal most of the time. You want to set goals for development of specific skills figured out through the assessment above, and set a schedule for when what needs to be mastered. This goal, the one everyone knows best, isn’t really workable if you haven’t set and fulfilled those assessment goals above, you see. #3 – Self Development When training is over, people will have to self-motivate and think mostly on their own, because normally, there’s only so much management to go around, and micromanagement doesn’t really end well usually. So, another goal of training should be to encourage self-development in your trainees. Developing confidence, logical skills and self-motivation is important, and if you don’t instill this, then when training is over, things may revert catastrophically, and a lot of time will have been wasted. #4 – Feedback Protocols You need to have goals of not only instilling feedback protocols, but seeing them used. When trainees have concerns or needs, you need them to not only have a practical and effective way to make avail of this, but you need to set a goal that everyone is using these protocols. The best way to achieve that is to encourage feedback even when there is status quo, so they are used to doing this. That way, when they need to use it, they’re used to it with no worries. So, there are a lot of important employee training goals to keep in mind. Having looked at them, you can see why maybe, if you had problems in the past, not being a trainer by trade, you had these problems. If you lay out these goals and address them with the same respect which you give your ultimate goal, then you will succeed, I guarantee it.  
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog