The Advantages of Reading Employee Training Articles

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In order to fully appreciate the value of employee training articles, it’s important to look at employee training as a kind of investment. When you train one of your employees, you are basically investing in his or her skills and qualifications; and naturally, your company will want certain returns from these investments.

The only problem, however, is that investing in employee training is often not enough to provide companies the rewards they that they want. No matter how expensive or sophisticated a training program may be, it will fail its intended goals if it is implemented without sufficient information.

Fortunately, employee training articles can provide this information, and more importantly, they offer it for free. So if you want to know more about the benefits of employee training articles then here’s what you are looking for.

Employee Training Articles Offer Facts

There are all kinds of employee training articles, but the most valuable ones are those which offer statistics and case studies. Employee training has been around for a long time, and you can learn a lot from the experiences of other companies and trainers.

To illustrate the value of this kind of information, here are a few examples of statistics which can be found in many employee training articles.

According to a go2hr article, around 40% of employees who receive poor employee training leave their positions within the first year.

According to a report, costs on employee training and development have increased by 15% in 2014.

According to, 25% of all employees would be happier at work if they were given the chance to do tasks that they enjoy doing.

According to a 2012 Forbes article, 70% of on the job learning occurs informally.

These statistics are important because they offer companies information on the cost and benefits of employee training. Furthermore, they can also reveal the experiences of other companies which have well-established employee training programs. By providing such information, training articles are able to provide practical as well as conceptual information on how to effectively organize and implement training programs.

So as you can see, articles can reveal a lot of interesting information, many of which can offer many tremendous benefits to your company’s training goals. The only challenge is finding a way to take this information and integrating it into your company’s training program.

Can Training Articles Help You Choose The Right Training Strategies for Your Company?

In planning an employee training program, it’s important to remember that there are many employee development goals as well as several kinds of employee training techniques. These options may seem great at first, but only if you implement them according to your company’s needs.

Remember that one of the main goals of employee training is to improve employee performance, and many training articles are devoted to this particular topic. Therefore, incorporating such articles into your training program will allow the latter to adopt new ideas and information from the latest training techniques and strategies. Furthermore, these articles will also show you the pros and cons of various training strategies and techniques, thus allowing you to improve the performance of your training program.

Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog