The Secret to Attracting the Perfect Employee [Infographic]

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The way I see it, there may not be a truly perfect employee. Each employee is unique and brings a certain aspect to the team that makes them perfect in their own way. When an employee lacks in one department, they excel elsewhere.   However, it’s not always about what the perfect employee can do for you, but what you can do to attract the perfect employee. This infographic, from the BGL Group, explains what your company can include to attract employees that will fit seamlessly within your team.   At first glance, these add-ons may seem unnecessary and inconvenient, but in the end they may be the deciding factors for pursuing the perfect employee. By implementing these aspects you supercharge your recruitment efforts and attract the employees you want to see represent your company.   Within this list I view promotion and clear career path of the utmost importance. Both of these aspects show the employee that there is a possibility of a fruitful future within the company, while ensuring HR that this individual wants to be a part of the team for the long haul. In addition, flexible hours is an important factor for most employees as well.   In a sense, it gives them a sense of freedom, so they don’t feel trapped within a confined routine, resulting in greater productivity levels.   While having an onsite gym and a subsidized cafe with healthy food options may seem unimportant to some, valuing these aspects actually says a lot about the employee and company. If an organization provides a gym as well as healthy meal options, it shows the potential employee that the company values both the physical and mental health of their employees. If a potential employee considers these aspects important, it indirectly shows that they are generally happy and motivated individuals.   So, if you’re in the process of recruiting, and your current candidates aren’t necessarily what you are looking for, try making these changes. Make sure they are known to potential candidates so that you can attract the perfect employees for your company and team!      
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