The Secret to Improving Employee Productivity

Employee productivity can influence the profits an organization makes. It can also determine whether a business is going to survive in the long term. This makes it necessary for managers to identify ways to enhance employee output.

Management plays an important role when it comes to employee productivity. The kind of environment an organization creates for its workers can either improve or inhibit output. A manager’s job does not end after they ensure each department has the most qualified and experienced personnel.

The secret to improving employee productivity is effective management. There are certain strategies managers can apply to get the best out of each employee and transform an organization.

The Secret to Improving Employee Productivity

Encourage Accountability

A manager has to make every employee accountable for their roles and responsibilities. The employees should understand what is expected from them. They have to know that they are responsible for specific tasks. This gives them a goal to work towards and enhances employee productivity.

An employee is more likely to put in the required effort into a particular task if they know that they are accountable for it. If there is no accountability, employees have no reason to give their best.

Motivate and Recognize Contributions

A manager can improve employee productivity by simply motivating and recognizing the effort that the workers put in. Human beings tend to work harder if they are appreciated. Motivate employees by rewarding them for significant contributions. This makes them feel vital. An employee will work hard if she knows her efforts will be recognized.

Employees will make mistakes as they carry out their roles. Mistakes should not be punished especially if the employee was trying to be creative. Creativity should be encouraged by boosting their self-esteem. When employees are motivated, they believe that they can make a difference and this improves their output.

Set Reasonable Targets

Targets help to enhance employee productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. However, managers need to set reasonable targets for their employees. The workers should be able to attain the goals set. If the goals are reasonable, it will be easy to accomplish them and this motivates the employees. Motivated employees are more productive.

Promote Teamwork

Teamwork is essential for any organization that wants to improve employee productivity. Employees should not be isolated at all times. Create opportunities that allow them to interact with one another. Human beings are social and they tend to function better when they are part of a group.

Working together allows employees to understand that they are all working towards a specific goal. Employees will be more productive if they know that each one of them plays an essential role in the organization’s success. Teamwork also helps employees to inspire and learn from each other.

Establish a Happy and Interesting Environment

Managers need to give employees a reason to show up at work. Workers need to feel happy at the workplace. Make it easy for them to balance between work and personal life. Employees should feel that an organization meets their needs.

Rotate employees and offer diverse roles and responsibilities to prevent repetitiveness and boredom. An employee will get bored if they have to carry out the same task for several years. This affects their output and the organization’s general performance. The roles you assign to them should match their expertise and capabilities.

Embrace Change

Organizations need to be open to change. It is important to know when it is time to modify your processes and practices. Some of the processes may be affecting employee productivity. Managers need to be aware of technological advancements that relate to their industry.

Technology can play an important role in enhancing employee productivity. Review the processes regularly and eliminate the ones that do not contribute towards the organization’s goals. Identify specific technologies that can be applied to make employee tasks easier and more efficient. This will have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Listen to Employees

One of the most common mistakes that managers make is failure to listen to their employees. Managers need to understand that employees are the people on the ground and it is important to listen to them. Give them a voice and allow them to give ideas. This can help to improve their output.

Offer Flexible Work Hours

Employees who have more control over their schedules tend to be more productive. People are usually more energetic at certain hours. If your organization can accommodate flexible work hours, you can take advantage of the specific periods when the employees are at their best.

This strategy can work well if your business does not require employees to be on site at particular hours. You can also allow them to telecommute if their roles do not require their physical presence. This kind of flexibility can be an effective way to boost employee productivity.

Give them Days Off

Offering days off may seem strange especially if you are trying to enhance employee output. But people actually work harder when they are relaxed. Offer your employees regular breaks to allow them to unwind after demanding tasks.

An employee will be more productive if they are well rested and relaxed. If an employee has not had a day off for several months, they are more likely to be stressed and suffer from burnout. Reward your employees with some time away from the office especially when they have made a significant contribution.

Equip them with Appropriate Tools

An organization cannot expect its employees to meet set objectives if they do not have the right tools. You may have the right talent but if the tools they require to carry out their roles are absent, they will not perform as expected.

These tools include appropriate technology to simplify their tasks and make them more efficient. Training is another important tool for an organization that is keen to enhance employee performance. Offer adequate training to equip employees with the precise knowledge and skills that they need for their roles.

An organization’s management has the power to influence employee productivity. Managers need to create e happy and exciting environment for employees. They also need to encourage teamwork, listen, motivate, set attainable goals and equip employees with the right tools. In addition, management has to embrace change, offer flexible work hours and regular breaks to enhance employee productivity.

Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog